Demands on Radio to Increase in 2012

It was 1989. Respected and now departed Emmis GM Tom Severino, former Clear Channel GM John Blassingame, and I stood at our 20th high school reunion discussing how, as Tom put it, “running a radio station is like having a license to print money.” Times were easy then. 22 years later, for the radio industry, times have changed.

“Interns and young air talent should be given free rein to create what goes on a stations stream. “Different” is what the audience is looking for online.” What changed? Back then content was limited, as were avails. “Local” meant a media that resided within geographic borders. It was always “X” number of radio stations, “Y” number of TV stations, and “Z” number of newspapers per town with “X,” “Y,” and “Z” being from the “competition” perspective, manageable numbers.

Welcome to the end of 2011 and a noticeably shifting radio industry.

via Demands on Radio to Increase in 2012.