Commiefornia Bans Sourcing Green Energy, Would Rather Pay China for Minerals Needed

The left is the party of hypocrisy, we all know this. The problem is, they don’t care. As a nation, we need things, often things that we can provide on our own. Fossil fuels is one example. We have enough here to basically never have to buy another drop of oil or natural gas from anyone again. The left, being the climate alarmists that they are, have decided that we need to transition to green energy, so we cut domestic production. When inflation hit and energy prices skyrocketed, Biden went, hat-in-hand to the Middle East begging for more oil. We have enough for ourselves!

Covid is another fine example. During the lockdowns so many blue states instituted, how many Democrats got busted for being maskless and out to dinner, partying, or vacationing in a red state? Biden, Newsom, Pelosi, AOC among many, many others. Hypocrites, one and all.

Once again, the left, particularly California is showing its true colors. Despite the need for rare earth minerals to make batteries and other components for the green energy initiative, California has banned seabed mining off of its coast. I’ll give you one guess as to who has almost all of the rare earth minerals needed. Did you say China? Bingo!

So, we need the minerals, we have the minerals, but we are willing to pay and deal with a Communist regime to get them. That all checks out!

Seabed mining, a controversial practice that extracts minerals from the sea floor for use in electric cars, cell phones and clean-energy production, was banned in California waters Monday.

While seabed mining does not yet occur within the state waters that extend 3 miles off the coast, opponents say it was important to preemptively protect the 2,500 square-mile area. Demand for the minerals targeted in seabed mining is likely to grow in the coming years, especially with the push for electric cars and clean energy by California and the federal government.

California bans seabed mining even though minerals could aid electric cars and clean energy https://t.co/fGsccnl0TD

— Sammy Roth (@Sammy_Roth) September 21, 2022

I feel like we are getting dumber as a society. We want and need something but are unwilling to use what we have. How does this make any sense? Of course, with the push toward electric vehicles, and the unwillingness to use American resources for the components, this is going to all but eliminate any federal tax breaks for American buyers looking to transition to an EV. For the credit, ev’s have to be sourced from domestic producers, or our “preferred” partners, of which China is not one.

As the Wall Street Journal noted earlier this year, China has all but cornered the market for rare earth minerals necessary for building the batteries for electric vehicles, meaning that “green” mandates empower America’s major global economic rival.

So, we are willing to fatten up our enemy and buy rare earth minerals and batteries from them, while they continue to build record numbers of coal fired plants, all so we can transition to green energy, which will keep us reliant on a country that continues to consume all the fossil fuels they can eat. Makes perfect sense! But what else would you expect from the mental heavyweights and anti-Americans in California and Washington DC? On the bright side, we have the best looking seabeds in the world!

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