China’s Pay Back to the US With Micron Ban Could Signal Decoupling From Both Sides: Expert

China recently banned Micron chip sales to critical information infrastructure operators over cybersecurity issues. It came after the world economic power players showed their support for alternative and secure supply chains, and Micron announced its investment in Japan.
China’s ban will only enhance the risk of foreign investors in China, and possibly force economic decoupling between China and the free world, says an expert.
Micron’s Awareness
While the technology war between the two economic powers is escalating, “Micron may have been fully aware and prepared,” said Shen Rongqin, an associate professor at York University in Canada.
The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) started the cybersecurity review on Micron on March 31, when Micron was also in the process of increasing the production of semiconductor chips in the United States….

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