Everyone Loves a Cat Fight: Melania Vs. Heidi

The recent tabloid politics tactics of Ted Cruz and Donald Trump whereby they were “attacking” each other’s spouses in the press have received a lot of media coverage. The mudslinging all started when an anti-Trump PAC published an ad targeted to the Mormon community which included Trump’s wife Melania posing nude in a photo which […]

Going Back to Basics

In many endeavors of life there comes a time when we have to take a step back and regroup to get our bearings in order to regain that winning edge or to recapture that energy to go get those sales and compete on a high level.  I would have to say that at this time […]

As Obama Names His SCOTUS Nominee, Scalia’s Life Showed What Matters

Allow me to play “Captain Obvious” for a moment: Being tapped to fill a vacant Supreme Court slot is a big deal.  Even so, I was a tad surprised when D.C. Circuit Judge Merrick Garland — Barack Obama’s newly revealed nominee to replace recently deceased Justice Antonin Scalia — nearly broke down, twice, visibly overcome with emotion, […]

Trump and Hillary Take Arizona. Cruz and Sanders Have Wins in Utah and Idaho!

The March 22 presidential primaries in Arizona brought big wins for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  Trump was the runaway winner in Arizona taking 48% of the vote and all 58 delegates vs. Texas Senator Cruz who came in second with 24.8% of the vote and Ohio Governor John Kasich who came in third with […]

Politics, Polls, and Professing Christians

Most people agree this is one of the most unpredictable and unusual election cycles in American history. For those who want substance over sensationalism, it is one of the most frustrating. For Christian conservatives, this could be the most disappointing. At least it’s entertaining. Americans are angry, I get it; but let’s not misplace our […]

Is Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland Moderate Enough?

                This week President Barack Obama nominated Merrick B. Garland to be the 113th Supreme Court justice to fill the vacancy created by the untimely death of long serving conservative Justice Antonin Scalia in February.  Judge Garland, is a former prosecutor who has served on the Court of […]

Violence and Speech Suppression Are Not the Answer!

Donald Trump’s blunt communication style and bombastic manner have ignited negative responses from both the right and the left. People are terrified that the billionaire business man, who is currently the front-runner in the Republican Primary, could actually win the nomination and successfully go against the presumed Democrat candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton […]

The Contagious Cult of Liberalism

For no man can lay a foundation other than the one which is laid, which is Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 3:11 Americans are divided over moral issues, but our greater concern is that the church is divided as well. Some Christians have bought into liberalism as well as the progressive politics of Planned Parenthood and […]

The Price of Resettling Refugees in America

by Politically Short The sovereignty of America is quietly being eroded as details have emerged surrounding the Obama administrations proposed budget for 2017 in regards to the resettlement of refugees and illegal aliens in our cities and towns. In early February of 2016 the Obama administration unveiled their plans under the innocuous sounding budget proposal […]

Americans are Being Sold on Socialism

by David Fiorazo: Less than seventy-five years ago, six-time candidate for the Socialist Party of America, Norman Thomas, stated: “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism, but under the name of liberalism they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation without ever knowing how […]

All Current Presidential Candidates Would be Historic Firsts for The White House

Every single candidate who is currently running for president would represent a first for The White House if elected.  Let’s start with Democrat front runner Hillary Clinton.   Mrs. Clinton would be the first woman president and the first mother and grandmother to serve in the Oval Office. She would also be the first former first […]

Under the Influence of Technology: Narcissism by the Numbers

Watchman Nee once said, “If you would test the character of anything, you only need to inquire whether that thing leads you to God or away from God.” The average American watches five hours of television a day. The good news is the fact that amount is slightly less than it was about 25 years ago. […]

My First CPAC

CPAC 2016 was the first CPAC for The Scott Adams Show and also my first trip to the largest gathering of conservatives in the country. Over the years, I have followed the coverage of the event from the speeches to the straw poll, but as they say, there is nothing like being there. I am […]

Where is The Conscience of a Conservative Today?

The Republican establishment has made it extremely clear that they are completely unwilling to accept the current 2016 Republican presidential ticket front runner Donald Trump as their candidate and the face of the party. 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has recently been one of the loudest opposition voices delivering a scathing rebuke of Trump’s […]

Black America May Be In Worse Off Than Ever

Every time I ear progressive Black American politicians, community organizers, professors, or certain preachers, the complaints are always the same.   “America is simply racist” “the police are out to kill us,” “black lives matter.” Oh I almost forgot! The other standby complaint, “we be held down by da man.” Unfortunately, the legions of black […]

Hillary Clinton Wins Nevada, Donald Trump Wins South Carolina & Jeb Bush Calls It Quits.

The results of yesterday’s 2016 Democratic Presidential Caucus in Nevada and the 2016 GOP South Carolina Primary are in. In the Silver State, Democratic front-runner, former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton took the gold, defeating the Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders 52.7% to 47.2%.  In the Palmetto State, billionaire Donald Trump was the Republican victor […]

CAIR’s One Million Muslim Voter Campaign: Forcing The West Into Submission

Well, guess who’s sticking Allah’s nose into America’s business yet again? The group that the FBI has stated is an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation case (they are a funding-front for Hamas)…is looking to register 1,000,000 Muslims, legal or not (mostly not) to vote in the Presidential election. Now we have thousands of […]

Killing America Via Planned Ignorance

George Washington, known as the father of our country was born February 11, 1731 according to the then used Julian calendar.   In 1752 however, Britain and her colonies adopted the Georgian calendar which moved Washington’s birthday a year and eleven days to February 22, 1732. Americans celebrated Washington’s Birthday, long before congress declared it […]

Supreme Court Shocker- Justice Antonin Scalia Dead at 79

The nation is reeling from the shock of the announcement of Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia’s sudden death on February 13 from apparent natural causes at the Cibolo Creek Ranch, a luxury resort near Marfa Texas which is in the western part of the state. Scalia had arrived at the ranch on Friday where […]

Obama Seeks To Harm America Again

History proves that President Obama’s plan to slap a ten-dollar tax on every barrel of oil imported into America or developed here to use the money for transformation is both is both fool-hearty and wasteful.   Once again, one of the big chiefs of overbearing nanny goat government is threatening to use unconstitutional bullying to […]

The Donald and The Bern Take New Hampshire!

About six months ago I wrote an article titled “Who is Laughing Now? Side Show Candidates Trump and Sanders Take 2016 Campaign by Storm!” . When I penned that piece, I was specifically referring to the huge crowds that the two so called joke candidates for the 2016 presidential race were generating. I was also […]

Rape Is Child’s-Play To Sharia Muslims…Not Americans

Rape is nothing to the Sharia Muslim. This culture sees nothing wrong with men taking whomever or whatever they want to satisfy their sexual needs at any given moment. Let’s just suppose there is a man in his 20’s enjoying a few hours at the pool jumping off the diving board, and notices a ten year old boy who he’d like to rape. […]


There is no more protected and valued ideology (according to the self-appointed gurus of language, thought and policy) than Islam. Yes, the ancient doctrine of pedophilia, decapitation and rape is considered the Crown Jewel of political correctness. Despite Islam’s well documented history of warfare and subjugation–it has been protected by these gurus who spuriously laude […]

GOP Candidates Gear Up for Granite State Primary

The 2016 New Hampshire Presidential Primary is almost here. On February 9, all eyes will be on the Granite State. For the Republicans, coming  out of the Iowa Caucus, it is currently a three-man race between Iowa Caucus winner Texas Senator Ted Cruz who ended the night with 27.65% of the vote, national front runner […]

America Declines At The Rate Of Rejecting Christianity

Have you noticed how America continues to decline as rapidly as she sheds our nation’s Christian Heritage? From two major directions, the assault on Christianity and even the right of Christians to freely exercise their religious liberties continues to manifest. The first major battering ram against Christianity in the United States is the government school […]

Extortion 17, Obama’s Sacrificial Lamb

“We lost more Americans on Extortion 17 than at Benghazi, Fort Hood, and Chattanooga combined. No loss is acceptable because of a rules-of-engagement failure, but Extortion 17 is the Mother of all Failures, yet most Americans don’t know about it. 30 of our finest servicemen, including 17 US Navy SEALs.” -Don Brown, author Extortion 17 […]

Saudi Arabia Proves: Islam And Free Speech Are Incompatible

In the West, we know and appreciate our rights, especially our freedom of expression. It’s our right to communicate any opinion publicly without censorship or restraint by the government. Our Founders knew it was the basis of every free society. But in Islamic countries…this right cannot and will not ever materialize…and Saudi Arabia proves it. […]

All Eyes are on Iowa!

Monday February 1- the much anticipated Iowa presidential caucus will take place.  For the Republicans, they say it is now a three men race between real estate mogul Donald Trump, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Florida Senator Marco Rubio. If one were to base an Iowa prediction purely on the polls, Trump is still currently […]

Islam and Germany: The Poison of Political Correctness

What we saw in Germany on New Year’s Eve is the result of the toxicity of Cultural Marxism, combined with Islamic doctrine…followed by a large dose of craven leadership. It’s the recipe for the end of Western Civilization. Sound like an extreme conclusion? Consider the ingredients… Cultural Marxism/Multiculturalism: In case you were under the false […]

Donald Trump Steals Ted Cruz’s Thunder in Iowa

Yes, Donald Trump is leading in the Republican 2016 Presidential Primary national polls with a Real Clear Politics Average of 34.8% vs. his nearest competitor Ted Cruz at 18.8%. However, for weeks, the Texas Senator was beating the real estate magnate in the upcoming crucial February 1 Iowa Caucus. Much is at stake in Iowa […]

Time To Slam The Door On Fake Refugees

A refugee is, “Someone who is unable or unwilling to return to their country of origin owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion.” This definition does not fit most of the millions of people on the move to another […]

Don’t Believe The Bigots

Despite the ongoing onslaught of lies the progressives promote against the truth concerning anything, including American history, the United States of America was founded upon Judeo/Christian Ethics.   In many circles, there was a heavy emphasis on the blessed leadership, protection, wisdom and mercy of God almighty, through his son Christ Jesus. Great men of […]


Islam is not a religion–but rather a misogynistic ideology that deems women as nothing more than cum containers. Over the decades it has been called by some a ruthless and twisted pathology that feeds on the endless rape, torture and brutalization of females. In fact (although vigorously denied by CAIR and its liberal lapdogs)–it was […]

Twitter’s War on Conservatives

Twitter has become not only a part of our everyday life, but a part of our everyday nomenclature. Nary has a day gone by since the inception of Twitter in March of 2006 that we don’t utter words such as, tweet, trend, favorite, and hashtag. But it’s the last one, “hashtag” that has garnered potentially […]

America Is Broken

Despite whatever President Obama said during his state of the union address, America the beautiful is broken. Obama’s state of the union speech reminded me of his 2004 Democrat convention oratory. His address was filled with socialist idealistic imagery, with attempts at igniting a passionate and mindless following by a misled and ill-informed sea of […]

US Government: Litigating Arm For Islam?

Those who vehemently loathe the Judeo-Christian roots of America, have always squealed a false narrative whenever they wanted to distance themselves from America’s founding principles: Separation of church and state. This is a false narrative because it erroneously makes reference to the First Amendment. The phrase, “separation of church and state” is not written in the […]

Democrats Are Warming up to Trump

Ever since billionaire business man and reality television star Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the 2016 Republican presidential ticket, the pundits have been predicting his demise. First, no one thought he was serious. They thought that he was just in the race to build the Trump brand.  Secondly, they thought that the public would […]

Will America Be Reborn?

There are some, including yours truly that believe America will soon experience a major turnaround for the better. Still others are predicting her permanent demise on the ash heap of history. It is true, ­­­our republic is riddled with a plethora of problems. She is morally, ethically, spiritually and without a doubt, economically crippled. The […]

RYAN & DC GOP’s Christmas Present To Jihadis

As you were preparing for your Christmas celebrations, did you suddenly feel an excruciating pain in your back…like a sharp knife…and then the knife twisted? It wasn’t your imagination…the DC GOP decided to give you a thoughtful gift, not just for Christmas, but for years to come… Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan and three-fifths […]

Why I Love “It’s A Wonderful Life”

 The Frank Capra classic “It’s A Wonderful Life” is my favorite Christmas movie. It is also reportedly the favorite movie of Frank Capra, and the film’s stars James Stewart and Donna Reed. According to Capra’s autobiography “The Name above the Title”, the director was quite proud of the 1946 film. “I thought it was the […]

Simply Change The Lexicon, Islam Is A Political Ideology, Not A Religion

If the LGBTQ… community can change the definition of marriage, then we can change the definition of Islam. Islam is a political ideology whose prime focus is world domination and forced submission of all the inhabitants of the earth through means civilization and kinetic jihad, it is not a peaceful religion. Therefore Islam doesn’t rise to the level […]

Different Players Same History

Almost everyone knows that history repeats itself, much like a merry go round. The merry go round goes in a circle, you see a particular horse, it disappears as the merry go round revolves, but at the precise regular interval the same figure reappears again. In a sense, history is no different (but with one […]

The Omnibus Bill Should Be Called The Ominous Bill

Last Thursday the political landscape was favoring the passage of the awe inspiring Omnibus Bill, which should be called the “Ominous bill.” Friday, after the vote I felt somewhat like I did the morning after Obama’s second election to president…impending doom. Why would congress, who was given power, not use it to tell Obama to […]


The West needs to understand one thing: Islam does not comport with the values nor tenets of a civilization constructed on the Judeo-Christian doctrine. The sooner this is realized–the sooner a viable plan can be drafted to behead this ungodly virulence. Islam’s supremacist dogma runs violently antithetical to the bedrock principle that has placed Western […]

Muslim Moratorium? To Protect Just One Innocent Life, YES!

In two weeks’ time, the West was hit by Islamic terror attacks by followers of ‘the religion of peace’. The Paris attacks, which involved Muslim ‘refugees’ (130 killed, 352 wounded) and the San Bernardino attack by devout Muslims on a watch list (14 killed, 21 wounded). All these acts are supported by the 109 violent […]

Virginia School Officials That Allowed Islamic Phrases In Class Deserve Backlash

A Virginia High School that allowed a World Geography class to learn Calligraphy by writing part of the conversion to Islam, has decided to close its doors on the Friday before Christmas. The reason? Apparently parents who have had enough of liberal wacko teachers cramming political correctness and Islamic nonsense down their kids throats decided […]

National Greatness Begins With The Fear Of The Lord

If you have ever taken the time to ponder upon the state of education in America, perhaps you may consider the process of eliminating the influence of the Christian Bible. The book of Proverbs reminds us that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. (1:7) Despite the often repeated lie of bigoted […]

Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban- Casual Statement or Calculated Rhetoric?

Following the attack in San Bernardino California which was orchestrated by a married couple who are now identified as “radicalized Islamists” and killed fourteen people, Donald Trump is once again sucking all the oxygen out of the room. Trump has proposed banning all Muslims from entering the US until “we are able to understand this […]

The Evidence of Greatness in America

When I was a little boy growing up in Cleveland my Dad would often tell me about the great people of America. Yes, he taught me about the obvious luminaries such as Dr. Benjamin Rush or Crispas Attucks. But he often talked about the unsung heroes who are just as important to society as any […]

America Could Use More Islamophobia, Not Less

I guess it stinks when you plan an event on a Monday to support all of the “peace-loving” Muslims, only to have several of them murder 14 innocent civilians and injure 17 other Americans just two days later at a truly peaceful Christmas party in San Bernardino. But, that didn’t seem to stop democrats from […]