New App Touts Tunein’s Reach with IPhone Users

In the new world of metered mobile data plans, Onavo has developed an app that is very useful in helping folks keep track of their usage and even select apps that use data efficiently. You can download their app onto your smartphone which compresses the data that your apps use. Onavo recently published data on […]

Supreme Court: Music downloads royalty-free – Technology & science – Tech and gadgets –

The Supreme Court let stand on Monday a ruling that a traditional Internet download of sound recording does not constitute a public performance of the recorded musical work under federal copyright law. The justices refused to review a ruling by an appeals court in New York that the download itself of a musical work does […]

Rhapsody Buys, Extinguishes Napster « Audio4cast

Rhapsody will acquire Napster from Best Buy and perhaps that will – once and for all – kill off the most notorious company name in online music. I for one am glad to see it go. Napster was launched in 1999 by Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker to promote illegal online sharing of music in […]

Facebook Music’s Impact On Streaming Could Be Really Big « Audio4cast

Facebook‘s news that it will integrate a bunch of third party streaming services into its platform has a lot of people buzzing in anticipation. Billboard said the f8 conference last week where it was announced “should be remembered as streaming services’ coming out party.” The exposure that streaming music will gain through Facebook’s 800 million […]

Pew: Fox News Channel America’s No.1 Source for TV News – – The Fox News Channel beat out local television and CNN as Americans number one source of television news on national and international issues, according to a survey published Thursday by the Pew Research Center for The People & The Press. via Pew: Fox News Channel America’s No.1 Source for TV News |

Apple to unveil iPhone 5 on October 4: report – Yahoo! News

Apple plans to unveil its next generation iPhone next month, technology blog AllThingsD said Wednesday. AllThingsD cautioned that Apple could “change its plans anytime,” but said the present plan calls for Apples new chief executive Tim Cook to preside over the launch of the iPhone 5 on October 4. via Apple to unveil iPhone 5 […]

Pandora Unleashes Listening « Audio4cast

Pandora launched its new website today, and as you might imagine, it is well done. It’s easier to create stations, merge stations and share them with friends. You can also combine any stations that you want into a shuffle, which is much nicer than shuffling all your stations into one stream. You can also adjust […]

Bloomberg’s Mobile App Is Smart « Audio4cast

Bloomberg Radio has released a new mobile app that goes a long way in extending their brand as a global source of financial news. The Bloomberg Radio+ app gives listeners the flexibility to hear live breaking financial and business news 24-hours per day as well as download a vast on-demand library of shows and interviews they […]

Study: Listeners Love AM/FM Streams More than AM/FM Broadcasts « Audio4cast

Americans are spending more time in their cars, time spent in cars on weekdays has increased by over an hour since 2003. Last week, Arbitron, Edison Research and Scarborough presented an update to a study from 2003 called The Road Ahead that looks at in-car listening options and adoptions. via Study: Listeners Love AM/FM Streams […]

Industry News – TALKERS.COM

Rush Limbaugh Remains Most-Listened-To News/Talk Radio Personality.  The latest numbers have been tallied and there has not been significant change in the landscape of the national scene.  Premiere Networks talk superstar Rush Limbaugh maintains his spot as the top news/talk personality on the newly released bi-annual Top Talk Radio Audiences chart with a cume of […]

Facebook Likes Third Party Streaming Services « Audio4cast

Rumors that Facebook will announce a new music service at its upcoming developer conference f8 are circulating, but it doesn’t sound like that service will sell or stream music. Instead, it sounds like it’s a new set of tools that will enable music services such as Spotify, Pandora, MOG, Rdio and Rhapsody to integrate with […]

There’s now enough IP numbers for the entire galaxy!

The proliferation of radio streaming to cars, devices, desktops and mobile phones has certainly added to the overwhelming global demand for IP numbers. That and the huge growth of mobile streaming apps, ad delivery networks, hosting platforms and social media sites and blogs, have helped to use up all the IPv4 numbers at a far […]

Pandora’s 2Q Call Impressive « Audio4cast

Last thursday during an earnings call Pandora reported $67 million in revenues, a 117% increase over a year ago. They also reported impressive increases in listening – 1.8 billion listening hours, an increase of 125% over a year earlier. The report was the new public company’s first quarterly earnings report and it reported on earnings […]

The New Radio Battle

In the past six months, more online music discovery and social sites have sprouted than corn stalks in Ohio. Theres no indication that the onslaught of these internet music services is going to slow.Everyone is looking for the magic bullet in music distribution online, and the radio industry is slowly plodding along repeating the “everyone […]

The Latest on Automotive-Based Internet Radio

As the world of online radio streaming continues to grow, more and more broadcasters are keeping a keen eye on the shift to other means and methods of listening to their traditional AM/FM programming. I have recently written about the fact that most traditional terrestrial listeners are still listening, just at different times of day, […]

Siriusly Streaming « Audio4cast

Sirius XM has been streaming its programming and offering it as an add-on of $2.99 for subscribers to the satellite music service. Apparently that has been going well because now Sirius XM will enhance that service by adding programming that is not available via satellite to their streaming platform, including BBC Radio 1, programming that […]

Play It Again Sam « Audio4cast

I’ve got my eye on because I think it’s a service that could really have an impact on the way that people listen to Internet radio. is a service that enables subscribers to record any Internet radio program. It’s one of the latest creations by Michael Robertson, one of the space’s most entrepreneurial […]

Does Social Media Pay Radio Dividends?

Follow the radio industry today and youll find an unusually high amount of chatter about participation in social media. “Friend us on Facebook,” “Follow us on Twitter” are the predominant calls, which will soon be joined by “Drop us into your Google+ circle.” Of 7 major group web sites visited, all had links to Facebook. […]

The Latest Streaming Radio Technology for Your Car

    With the latest and greatest gadgets, you can easily transform your car radio into an internet radio. So many cars are latching onto the idea of streaming radio devices. Ford, BMW, and other major car manufacturers are making cars that have internet streaming already integrated to the radio consoles. And for older cars, […]

There’s More Than One Way to Say “Radio”

It appears the radio industry is fixated on defining the term “radio” when, in todays world, the lines are becoming more blurred between it and online radio and music services.This story isnt just about listeners, but also the number of advertising dollars that are finding themselves on computers and digital devices. There are so many […]

Every Listener Counts « Audio4cast

    With Pandora moving to release radio-like ratings in top ten markets, there’s a lot of focus on Internet radio ratings these days. Some broadcast radio traditionalists are trying to argue against the validity of those ratings, but the reality is that Pandora has large amounts of listeners in the top ten markets and […]

Your smartphone: a new frontier for hackers – Yahoo! News

    Hackers are out to stymie your smartphone.Last week, security researchers uncovered yet another strain of malicious software aimed at smartphones that run Googles popular Android operating system. The application not only logs details about incoming and outgoing phone calls, it also records those calls. That came a month after researchers discovered a security […]

Ford Emphasizes New Audio Technology in Europe

Ford Motor is making some substantial changes in its in-dash entertainment systems for vehicles offered throughout Europe. For example: This month, Ford is increasing the availability of DAB-capable receivers to customers across Europe, as it becomes standard in some models, with widespread availability in selected markets. via Ford Emphasizes New Audio Technology in Europe.

Internet Radios Selling Well In Auto Aftermarket « Audio4cast

Six percent of automotive aftermarket car radios sold this year will be Internet radio capable, according to the Consumer Electronic Association. That number will increase to 14% by 2015 based on projections from the CEA. In sync with that trend, Ford will no longer put cd players in the dash of their cars, opting instead […]

Archos Introduces Android-based Wi-fi Radio

Archos has introduced the Archos 35 Home Connect — a portable, battery-powered Wi-fi radio that uses the Android operating system. According to Archos, the device light, has an extra-long battery-life and fits in ones hand. The company touts two high-definition speakers specifically designed for improved bass. via Archos Introduces Android-based Wi-fi Radio.

Pandora Internet Radio Coming to Toyota Vehicles

At the Consumer Electronics Show, Pandora announced that Toyota will provide the personalized Internet radio service in Toyotas Entune multimedia system, which is compatible with the majority of phones with a data plan, both smart and feature. The first Toyota vehicles featuring Pandora will be announced later this year. via Pandora Internet Radio Coming to […]

Trial lawyers $13 million, satellite radio consumers $0 | Conn Carroll | Beltway Confidential | San Francisco Examiner

Sirius XM Radio customers will get no money from a suit recently settled by trial lawyers against the company. But the lawyers are scheduled to extract $13 million. The Center for Class Action Fairness filed an objection today on behalf of Sirius XM Radio customers challenging the settlement in the Southern District Court of New […]

Latest Radio Streaming Factoids

Did you know that by 2015, 70% of all mobile ads will be locally geo-targeted? This is just how radio operates today; by targeting the local market. The days of ‘play-based’ tracking are over as the entire online streaming world moves to ‘impression-based’ advertising with the ability to target specific listeners in specific DMAs via […]

Internet Radio Weather

Attention Internet Radio Stations! is announcing two new options to their weather forecasting services. Starting immediately, they are now providing both Generic and Custom National Weather Forecasts.  Check their website for all the details.

Terrestrial Listeners Shift Means and Methods of Listening

    Over the last couple of years of streaming, there has been a noticeable shift in terrestrial listeners to alternative modes of listening; namely, desktops and mobile devices. The facts show that most of what terrestrial broadcasters have feared is not happening; that they were losing market share to internet streamers. In fact, it […]

Clear Channel, iHeartRadio Are In It To Win It

    Clear Channel and Bob Pittman are going all out with the launch of their “New iHeartRadio.” For months Pittman has been promising a new and improved Clear Channel streaming platform. The New iHeartRadio will deliver to users the nation’s most popular broadcast radio stations as well as the ability to create custom stations […]

Internet Radio Audience Data Released For May

Triton Digital has released its ranker of the top 20 stations or networks measured within its Webcast Metrics audience measurement platform for May. At the top of the ranker, Pandora picked up another 30,000 or so Average Active Sessions, some of this a result of missing data from the last several months, which had been […]

AARP Wants Older Americans To Listen Online « Audio4cast

    AARP, with the help of Concord Music Group and Slacker, has launched a compliment of streaming music channels designed to  help adults find the music they love in the digital age.  AARP Internet Radio, a free music player provided by Slacker, features 18 free streaming channels of handpicked music catering to the musical tastes of […]

SoBE’s Summer Ad Campaign Includes Internet Radio « Audio4cast

    Pepsi’s SoBe brand has launched a summer campaign that takes full advantage of the visual and audio opportunities available to advertisers on Internet radio. The first day of the campaign, running on Pandora, featured the iconic SoBe lizard in a first ever in-tuner animated video ad that slithered across the player when listeners interacted […]

Slacker Is Looking More and More Like A Network « Audio4cast

    News this week makes it clear once again that Slacker has turned its attention to becoming a content aggregator. Slacker has been building its network for a while now. In March of this year they announced a deal that added ESPN Radio in the form of an interactive channel. Last summer they added […]

AOL Radio Gets A New Dance Partner « Audio4cast

    In an interesting twist, AOL has joined partners with Slacker to offer a more interactive service to listeners. This appears to involve the departure of AOL from an agreement with CBSRadio which assigned AOL’s audience to CBSRadio for revenue purposes. CBSRadio has been including AOL’s audience as part of its network in Webcast […]

The Growth of Online Streaming Versus Cost

There has been a lot of talk in the radio industry about how the growth of mobile device streaming is going to be stifled by over-demand and the lack of internet provisioning. The fact is, all of the major bandwidth companies are gearing up for this huge explosion in user demand by constantly building out […]

Survey: 45% of Radio Listeners Are Listening Weekly Online

Jacobs Media has updated their annual survey of radio listeners tech likes and habits.TechSurvey 7 reports on radio listeners use of “media, gadgets and digital relationships.” Broadcast radio plays a major role in the lives of those surveyed, in fact, the respondents were sent the survey because they have a relationship with a radio station […]

Pandora raises IPO offering price range – Yahoo! News

Pandora raised the price range of its initial public offering Friday by at least a third and boosted the number of shares to be sold by as many as a million, demonstrating again a seemingly insatiable demand from investors for a stake a new slate of Internet companies. via Pandora raises IPO offering price range […]

Carolla’s World Record: Most Downloaded Podcast « Audio4cast

Adam Carolla has broken the record for most downloaded podcast, according to Guinness World Records, receiving 59,574,843 unique downloads from March 2009 to March 16, 2011. The previous record was held by the Ricky Gervais Show. via Carolla’s World Record: Most Downloaded Podcast « Audio4cast.

comScore: Mobile is Internet Radio’s Value Proposition « Audio4cast

comScore, in releasing new data from its Total Universe report, has highlighted Internet radio and Pandora as an example of the kind of online service that is likely to gain more or most of its traffic via mobile channels. comScore’s Total Universe report “provides audience measurement for 100 percent of a site’s traffic, including usage […]

Cha-ching! Pandora’s Payments Are 23% of Sound Exchange’s Total Revenues « Audio4cast

Roughly 23% of Sound Exchange’s total revenues in 2010 came from Pandora, based on publicly reported info and some quick math by Live365 Attorney Angus MacDonald. via Cha-ching! Pandora’s Payments Are 23% of Sound Exchange’s Total Revenues « Audio4cast.

CBS Interactive Music Group Will Relaunch « Audio4cast

Details are emerging on the relaunch of by CBS, announced by Dan Mason at RAIN Summit West in April. While Mason projected that the relaunch would come in May, CBS Interactive Music Group president David Goodman spoke with Music Week recently and revealed that was now set for a re-launch towards the end of […]

79 Million Listen To Internet Radio Weekly « Audio4cast

More than one of every three Internet users will listen to Internet radio weekly this year, reports EMarketer. That 37.5% of 12+ Internet users in the US means more than 79 million listeners to online radio. That number will continue to grow and hit 157 million and 67% of that population by 2015. via 79 […]

Pandora’s Growing Audience and Revenue « Audio4cast

Pandora updated its SEC filing last week to give us a glimpse of what’s been going on in 2011. Impressive growth continues to be the story. In the 3 month period ended April 30th they added 1.6 billion listener hours and another 14 million registered users. Of those 94 million registered users, 34 million are […]

What Do Listeners Want? « Audio4cast

In 5-10 years the term “radio” will encompass all audio content that is distributed as continuous programming and delivered via various technologies including broadcast, satellite, and streaming. Radio devices will receive such programming from all of these sources seamlessly, so there will be less and less focus on which technology is delivering it. The listener […]

March Webcast Metrics Data « Audio4cast

A new Webcast Metrics ranker of measured stations for March shows that Pandora‘s audience AAS sits slightly below the half million mark, a number that is just slightly above last month’s position. Last month, when Pandora’s number showed some negative growth, we learned that there was some missing data and that would affect March and […]

RIAA Performance Royalties Up 60% in 2010 « Audio4cast

According to 2010 year end shipment statistics reported by the RIAA, digital formats now comprise 47% of all music shipments in the US. That’s a large share, especially compared to the 9% share digital music held in 2005. Overall, the total digital music market in 2010 was $3.2 billion, a 3% increase over last year. […]

Nielsen: Song, Album Sales Are Up « Audio4cast

Music sales are up this year, bucking a several year annual decline. Led by strong digital downloads of albums and songs, music sales in the US are up 1.6% through May 8th. That’s according to Nielsen. Physical album sales continue to drop, but the rise in online sales is compensating for the first time. Digital […]

Nearly 1 in 10 Smartphone Users Listen to Pandora Daily « Audio4cast

Mobile is changing the way we do things, and smartphones are changing the way we do mobile. Smartphone ownership has tripled since 2009 – close to a third of Americans 12+ own a smartphone. via Nearly 1 in 10 Smartphone Users Listen to Pandora Daily « Audio4cast.