Amazon Alexa & Digital Radio Dominate the Car Space in 2018!

Amazon Alexa Echo technology partners with Ford, BMW, Hyundai, Volkswagon and other car manufacturers to provide virtual assistance, voice command on-demand radio, and new safety features for your car space. With the emergence of voice command on-demand radio digital is now surpassing terrestrial as the dominating radio platform for your driving experience. “Alexa, Play Red […]

Alexa, Play Red State Talk Radio!

The new version of the Amazon Echo. AP/Elaine Thompson Amazon’s Alexa app was the top app for Android and iPhone on Christmas day. It’s a strong indication that Amazon’s Echo products were a popular gifts this year. Amazon doesn’t disclose device sales, but said in a press release that “Amazon Devices also had its best holiday yet, […]

Norway becomes first country to end support for FM radio in national broadcasts

#Norway became the first country to cease the use of #FMradio for its national broadcasts. The switch began in January 2017 to provide better sound quality & reduce broadcasting costs. Officials have said that the DAB (digital audio broadcasting) system costs about an eigth as much as traditional FM broadcasts. Norway introduced its first digital […]

“Alexa, Play Red State Talk Radio”! Voice Command On-Demand Radio has arrived!

Red State Talk Radio Announcement (Philadelphia, PA), November 17, 2017 – Red State Talk Radio (RSTR), “the dominant voice in conservative politics” is pleased to announce the easiest way to listen to Red State Talk Radio in your home or car is with Amazon Echo “Alexa” voice command technology. Simply say, “Alexa, Play Red State […]

Red State Talk Radio rated #1 by Top Talk Radio for 2016

Red State Talk Radio Announcement (Philadelphia, PA), March 01, 2017 – Red State Talk Radio (RSTR), “America’s Talk Radio Station” is honored to announce that we have once again been rated the #1 Digital Conservative Talk Radio Station in America by Top Talk Radio for 2016. This marks the 5th consecutive year RSTR has been ranked […]

The Top Five Trends For The Connected Car In 2016 – TechCrunch

Many years ago, car predictions focused on what near-future vehicles would look like.  Would they be bigger or smaller and how fast would they get from 0 to 60 mph? But today, as modern automobiles have evolved to moving machines bristling with sensors, software, processors and networks, future predictions are all about technology.  So, what […]

Connected Cars To Drive Digital—Report – Inside Radio

With smart home technology already fast moving from the virtual to the virtually here, connected cars appear ready to swoop in as the “next major battleground,” according to a new report from Business Insider. And while entertainment is touted to be among the more popular features, it is expected to only generate $13 billion in […]

Chevrolet’s First CarPlay-Enabled Cars Are Rolling Off The Production Line – Tech Crunch

Chevy announced earlier this year it would be bringing Apple’s CarPlay to production vehicles this year, and now those first cars with the infotainment feature from Apple are rolling off the line and going out to dealerships and consumers. The very first production Chevrolet with CarPlay installed was the silver, 650-HP Corvette Z06 pictured above […]

Apple Aims to ‘Redesign’ Radio – Inside Radio

Unfurling its freshly launched streaming music service yesterday, Apple’s Eddy Cue articulated a thought that many in radio would agree with. “Internet radio isn’t really radio; it’s just a playlist of songs,” the head of software and internet services said at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference. To stand out from the expanding online radio pack, […]

Half Of Cars Sold In 2015 Will Be Connected – Inside Radio

With 44% of all radio listening taking place behind the wheel, the car remains ground zero for radio listening. But the medium’s monopoly on in-car listening may be coming to an end. The GSMA, a trade group that represents mobile operators, expects 50% of all new vehicles sold this year to be internet-enabled with the […]

GM’s new dashboard. Adoption takes time.

New competition for radio in the dashboard could mean confusion and frustration. Strategy Analytics Associate Director of Global Automotive, Roger Lanctot says, “Exciting though it may all be, dealers should anticipate a wave of consumer confusion and questions regarding smartphone compatibility.” General Motors announced Wednesday it will offer Google’s Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay in […]

An Eye On Lower-End Connected Cars – Inside Radio

“The era of the basic AM/FM/CD radio is essentially dead,” says Harman Infotainment Division president Sachin Lawande. It’s not that radio is dead, mind you, but the basic dashboard receiver that’s been a fixture in new cars for decades is on life support. The audio manufacturer sees “a lot of runway” in going after cars […]

Generational Shifts for In-Car Audio. –

A growing body of research is showing Americans aren’t as keen on mucking with the car radio as automakers are. While that may conjure images of struggling Baby Boomers, a new report from IHS Automotive shows no generation is more nostalgic for knobs and buttons than Millennials. More than a third (34%) of 18 to […]

Podcasting Faces A Crossroads. –

Podcasting has come a long way in the past 10 years, from hobbyist activity to mainstream media channel used by 27 million Americans a week. But even as the runaway success of “Serial” has created a water cooler moment, the medium faces a critical crossroads. “It’s an exciting time but it could be fraught with […]

Streaming Growth Speeds Up. – Home

Online radio’s growth rate accelerated in February for a second consecutive month, once again propelling the medium to a new historic high. Average Active Sessions surged to 4.1 million, a 40.2% increase over the same period last year in the Monday-Friday, 6am-8pm daypart, according to new data from Triton Digital. Sessions shot up 43.6% to […]

Podcasting comes of age – Inside Radio

Any doubts about podcasting’s graduation from niche to mainstream were unequivocally erased by this year’s Infinite Dial study.  One third of the country’s 12+ population has listened to a podcast, some 89 million people.  Of them, 46 million are monthly listeners, up from 39 million one year earlier. But the story isn’t so much how […]

FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rules, Setting Stage For Legal Battle – WSJ

The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to regulate Internet service like a public utility, expanding the U.S. government’s oversight of a once lightly regulated business at the center of the country’s commercial and social activity. The 3-2 vote, along party lines, starts the clock ticking on an expected legal challenge from the telecom and cable […]

Digital radio growth speeds up: forecast. – Inside Radio

With internet radio in phones, cars, game consoles and even refrigerators, it’s no wonder analysts at eMarketer see usage stepping up.  The firm forecasts 169.9 million Americans will listen to digital radio per month in 2015.   That projected 6.1% growth rate compared to last year is an increase from eMarketer’s earlier forecast for 2015 that […]

Judge dismisses radio’s geo-fencing suit. – Inside Radio

A federal judge in Virginia has thrown out the lawsuit brought by VerStandig Broadcasting to create a royalty-free ring around a transmitter for stations that geo-fence a webcast.  It’s a setback for broadcasters who viewed the case as a way to cut royalty expenses. Judge Michael Urbanski said the suit was “too speculative, indefinite and […]

Ad buyers more interested in streaming. – Inside Radio

As agency media teams put together client plans for the coming year, the odds that a digital radio component will be part of the outline are growing.  Half (48%) of agencies say they are more interested in streaming radio than a year ago, according to the quarterly survey conducted by media buying software firm Strata. […]

Mobile listening grows twice as fast – Inside Radio

Radio’s long been a mobile media, and that’s given it a leg up as more media consumption is being done on smartphones.  New data from Triton Digital shows just how quickly mobile is becoming synonymous with streaming for many radio stations. Despite Thanksgiving week listening declines, internet radio continued its sharp upward trajectory in November […]

NAB Pleads with BMW to keep AM Radios

Fighting for AM in New Cars; NAB Pleads with BMW. After learning that BMW’s new electric model – the i3 – will not include an AM radio due to the engine’s causing interference with AM reception, the NAB’sGordon Smith wrote a letter to BMW asking the company to reconsider the move and re-engineer the system to accommodate […]

Stitcher Announces Android Auto, Tweetcard Integration – Techaeris

All the way back at Google I/O, one of the main announcements was Android Auto.  Plenty of partners were announced, one of which was Stitcher.  Stitcher has gone ahead and made that partnership completely official with a recent release.  Also announced was Tweetcard integration.  Keep reading for more information from Stitcher. From Stitcher: Greetings from […]

Putting Millenials In The Driver’s Seat | Audio4cast

According to a Zipcar study released earlier this year, Millenials – that generational segment born after 1980 or so who are adults now – think that having a smartphone is a lot more important than having a car. In fact, 40% of that group think that losing their phone would be a bigger hardship than […]

Online Radio Reaches Estimated 94 Million Weekly | Audio4cast

Last week we learned from the Radio Advertising Bureau’s 2013 Revenue Report that digital dollars continue to increase at a much faster rate than other revenue segments for radio broadcasters. Up 16% over 2012, and 18% for the last quarter of the year, the digital sector for radio is picking up steam and promising to […]

Almost All New Cars Will Be Connected In Five Years | Audio4cast

By the end of this decade, 93% of new cars will offer streaming music as part of the built in entertainment system. That’s the prediction of new research out from ABI Research in the UK, which forecasts that global shipments of streaming music enabled automotive infotainment systems will top 66 million by the end of 2019. […]

AOL Sells Winamp And Shoutcast For $5-10M To Radionomy, Takes 12% Stake In Belgian Digital Audio Startup | TechCrunch

Returning from the brink of death, music services Winamp and Shoutcast are now officially with a new owner: Digital audio business Radionomy has acquired the both media player and radio platform from AOL. We understand from a reliable source that it is a cash and share deal, worth between $5 million and $10 million, with […]

TuneIn reaches milestone: 100,000 radio stations – RAIN News

Aggregation platform TuneIn announced today that its portfolio of streaming radio stations has reached 100,000 — “the most radio stations ever in one place,” according to the press release. TuneIn is taking the long-tail approach to radio stations, adding broadcasts of German soccer leagues and a wide spectrum of international broadcasters. The service is not […]

Is it Radio? It Doesn’t Matter | Audio4cast

There’s a debate raging as to whether Pandora and other streaming services are “radio”. There are a group of broadcasters who want to narrowly define “radio” as a traditional approach to radio – with curated formats and live personalities (and towers). And then there are the upstarts that broaden that description to include other forms […]

Connected Dashboards Make Content King | Audio4cast

Pandora will be installed in one-third of the new cars sold this year, which represents an impressive effort on the part of the leading Internet radio station in the US. That fact appeared in recently. Pandora’s strategy of gaining automotive deals also gets them lots of listeners – Pandora says they have seen more than […]

Audio4cast | Study: Time Spent Listening Online Jumped Two Hours in One Year

Forty Five percent of Americans now listen to online radio occasionally, at least once a month, according to the newly updated Infinite Dial Study by Arbitron and Edison Research. That translates to 120 million Americans, and it’s a number that grew 6% over last year. The weekly number – Americans that listened to online radio […]

Aha Radio Is Making Car Connectivity Easy For Consumers, Stations – Audio4cast

The connected car, once a concept, is now a reality and one that offers significant promise for the audience growth to online stations. One company that’s really driving the integration between your car and connectivity is Aha Radio. By the end of 2013, Aha will be installed into vehicles by more than 10 auto manufacturers which […]

2012 “Excellence in Broadcasting Award”

I am pleased to announce that the winner of the 2012 “Excellence in BroadcastingAward” is: Freedom’s Wings Show! This is the second consecutive year that the Freedom’s Wings Show has been so honored. Congrats to the Freedom’s Wings Show! Be sure to give this show a listen and find out why it’s sets the standard […]

2012 “Talk Show of the Year Award”

I am pleased to announce that the winner of the 2012 “Talk Show of the Year Award” is: The Ruthie Report! Congrats to the Ruthie Report! Be sure to give this show a listen and find out why it’s so popular! Premo Mondone General Manager Red State Talk Radio

Internet Radio Fairness Act – Audio4cast

The Internet radio world is buzzing with talk of new legislation just proposed that would change the standard for determining performance royalties. If it passes, it would likely set the stage for lower rates, which would create a far more attractive playing field for Pandora and others. The services that would be affected are those […]

TuneIn, Livio Score with Chevy – Audio4cast

One of the best universal portals to Internet radio on the planet is TuneIn. Formerly called RadioTime, TuneIn has been in the business of enabling listeners to search, find and listen to Internet radio for a long time. They’ve been through several rounds of funding and a management shift, not to mention some serious competition, […]

Public Radio Listeners Are Shifting Gears – Audio4cast

In their newly updated survey of public radio listeners, Jacobs Media reports that listening to radio is growing, but listening to broadcast radio is declining. While public radio listeners who spent an hour or more a day listening to AM/FM declined 2%, those who listened weekly or more to Internet radio increased 16%. Now 87% […]

Dashboard Developments For Streaming Innovators – Audio4cast

Both Livio and TuneIn are announcing deals related to connected dashboards this week. For the first time, TuneIn announces a dashboard deal that makes the service available without using a smartphone to connect. TuneIn is providing more than 70,000 stations from the popular service directly to Tesla Model S, the world’s first premium electric sedan. Livio meanwhile […]

TuneIn Forms Strategic Relationships With FOX News Radio, Bloomberg and More Than 20 Other Top Broadcasters – MarketWatch

PALO ALTO, CA, Jun 22, 2012 MARKETWIRE via COMTEX — TuneIn, a service that lets people listen to the worlds music, sports and news, today announced it has formed strategic alliances with more than 20 major broadcasting companies, whose total number of stations top 600. The company also announced it now carries 70,000 stations, an […]

Research presented at RAIN Summit West shows Internet radio popular among fastest growing demos | RAIN: Radio And Internet Newsletter

The Media Audit Executive Vice President Phillip Beswick presented "Fast Facts on Internet Radio" at RAIN Summit West 2012 earlier this week. The 10-minute presentation was packed with information, including the fact that around 20% of adults 18+ said they listened to Internet radio in the past week (based on 54,000 surveys). That figure jumps […]

Report: Listening to Internet Radio Shot Up 50% Last Year « Audio4cast

Listening to Internet radio was up 50% last year, according to AccuStream Research’s updated report. Nearly 80% of that listening is to Shoutcast and Pandora. More than 40% of all listening last year was to mobile. Streaming audio ad and subscription revenues were up 64% to $465 million, with the ad spend surpassing subscription revenues […]

Mercedes and Acura unveil in-car web radio systems | RAIN: Radio And Internet Newsletter

Mercedes and Acura have unveiled new in-car entertainment systems that include web radio integration. Mercedes-Benz’s entertainment system for their A-Class (pictured) includes dashboard support for AUPEO! radio (like Pandora for Europe, more here and here). The platform can also be controlled using an iPhone’s Siri system. Other highlights include “an iPad-like floating display screen.” via […]

Radio Industry Missing Another Oncoming Train

As thousands of radio industry personnel do each day, I climbed on the internet and made my way from one industry trade publication to the next this morning. Its a ritual. Outside of communications from peers, this is the sole way I keep abreast on what radio industry executives deem important – or what the […]

Time For Radio To Go Digital « Audio4cast

HD Radio has made no progress in the last couple of years in terms of raising awareness, according to a recent study by Mark Kassof and Company. In fact, according to the report, ”Awareness has actually declined. In ’08, 67% had at least ‘heard of’ HD RADIO; now, 54% do. And consumers’ understanding and misunderstanding of […]

What’s Driving Internet Radio « Audio4cast

“In the not-too-distant future, a car with a radio that receives only AM or FM will qualify as an antique.” So says a WSJ article covering a new study released by Deloitte on Generation Y’s automotive buying power and preferences. The study finds that 59% of 19 to 31 year olds place in-car connectivity as the […]

Clear Channel Rebranded: It’s Not Just Radio « Audio4cast

Late last week Clear Channel announced that it had changed its name from Clear Channel Radio to Clear Channel Media and Entertainment. The new name is meant to reflect the “Company’s Focus on Delivering the Best Entertainment and Most Important Content to Diverse Audiences across Multiple Platforms, Including Broadcast, Satellite, Online and Mobile.” via Clear […]

Demands on Radio to Increase in 2012

It was 1989. Respected and now departed Emmis GM Tom Severino, former Clear Channel GM John Blassingame, and I stood at our 20th high school reunion discussing how, as Tom put it, “running a radio station is like having a license to print money.” Times were easy then. 22 years later, for the radio industry, […]

Katz Drops Pandora « Audio4cast

Katz360 has dropped Pandora from its list of clients, according to a story in Inside Radio this morning. Katz360 is owned by Katz Media Group which is owned by Clear Channel. Inside Radio is also owned by Clear Channel. via Katz Drops Pandora « Audio4cast.

Massive Confusion Coming in 2012 – AudioGraphics

Its taken over a decade for the radio industry to put effort into its online initiatives. Ignoring an oncoming train has left nearly all of radio in an uncomfortable position of defending its turf instead of dominating the online audio landscape. However, within the past 12 months, there have been more headlines at trade publications […]

Pandora Reports First Profits « Audio4cast

Pandora reported its first profits last week of $638,000 on revenues of $75 million for its third quarter of this year. This beats most analyst’s expectations and dashes last year’s losses for the same period of $1.77 million. Pandora streamed 2.1 billion hours of programmimg -twice the numbers of last year same quarter. According to […]