Four Facts About the Fourth of July –

Editor’s note: This post was published (and re-uploaded from) last year. The headline, however, has been changed. Happy Fourth of July! Today we celebrate 239 years of American independence. To that end, here are four interesting facts about this uniquely American holiday that you might not be aware of. (1) Did you know that the […]

Compulsory Voting is Unconstitutional | Human Events

President Obama recently praised the idea of “mandatory voting,” saying it would be “transformative” and “completely change the political map in this country,” showing again how unbound he feels by the limits imposed on the power of government by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The president apparently does not believe that the right […]

Republican FCC Member Warns Net Neutrality Is Not Neutral – Breitbart

Ajit Pai, the sole Republican Commissioner on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), inferred in a Tweet that President Barack Obama’s secret, 332-page “Net Neutrality” document is a scheme for federal micro-managing of the Internet to extract billions in new taxes from consumers and again enforce progressives’ idea of honest, equitable, and balanced content fairness. FCC […]

Decision Day at the Supreme Court For Hobby Lobby and Obamacare Contraception Mandate – Katie Pavlich

In its final rulings of the year Monday, the Supreme Court is set to release its decision about whether private businesses like Hobby Lobby have the right to exercise freedom of religion as a company by rejecting the contraception mandate in Obamacare. This will be the biggest decision made by the Supreme Court surrounding Obamacare […]

Barack Obama’s recess gamble goes bust – Josh Gerstein –

President Barack Obama’s big gamble on recess appointments was smacked down unanimously by the Supreme Court on Thursday, an embarrassing setback for the administration just as Republicans are turning up the heat on alleged overreaches by the chief executive. The justices all agreed that Obama took executive power too far by naming three nominees to […]

Illegal Mom Caught at Border: ‘People Told Me … If You Go To The U.S., Your Children Can Go To School’ | CNS News

( — Standing on the American bank of the Rio Grande in Hidalgo County, Texas, 31-year-old Velma Santos told U.S. Border Patrol officers she did not know what to expect when she first set foot on American soil – only that now her two daughters would be able to go to an American school. “People […]

The miracle of Normandy | Human Events

The 70th anniversary of D-Day brings many honors and commemorations.  The U.S. Army has an excellent page dedicated to the event, filled with news of both living veterans and fallen heroes receiving the most heartfelt appreciation we can render – we, the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of a future they could scarcely imagine when they boarded […]

Remember the Fallen