CAIR’s One Million Muslim Voter Campaign: Forcing The West Into Submission


Well, guess who’s sticking Allah’s nose into America’s business yet again? The group that the FBI has stated is an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation case (they are a funding-front for Hamas)…is looking to register 1,000,000 Muslims, legal or not (mostly not) to vote in the Presidential election.

Now we have thousands of Muslims that this administration brought into our country, via unwilling taxpayers, who are illiterate. Islam does NOT hold literacy in high esteem for the masses. The majority of adult Somalis now living in our country are unable to read…period. So how are they going to become informed voters for this election? (No worries…I’m sure pictures of Hillary will be provided.)

This may be an immediate concern, but the real concern here is WHY in the WORLD, already being in possession of our enemy’s playbook (Quran): We refuse to read it (because most adults here are literate) and utilize it to stop those that hate our culture?

Muslims following the Quran, have not hid their intentions or the sources for their terrorist acts: The Quran and Muhammad, the perfect Muslim.


  • They say, Hudna or ‘ceasefire’. Their playbook says ‘a pause in order to gird up their supplies to destroy the enemy’. (Also known as the Quraysh Model.)
  • They say, ‘the killing of innocents is not permitted’. Their playbook says ‘the only true innocents are Muslims’. (Quran 2:191)
  • They say they want ‘peace’. Their playbook says ‘peace is Islam ruling and reigning over all the earth’. (Dar al-Islam or ‘the house of Islam’)
  • They say ‘lying is against the Quran’. Their playbook says ‘lying is permitted if it is done to infidels (that’s us) for the sake of Allah. (Taqiyyah)
  • They threaten and promise attacks on infidels. We have seen their handiwork, read their handbook and yet we refuse to apply wisdom to knowledge. Instead, we choose to follow the paltering of vociferous Muslims who play the victim (can anyone say CAIR).
  • Hijra, one of the five charges of Allah to Muhammed: to assemble, to listen, to obey, to immigrate and to wage Jihad for the sake of Allah. This is a quote from the Hadith (five responsibilities or “charges” for those who submit to Islam) from Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America by Ann Corcoran.

So, why do we in the West, who are the majority…continue to sit with our jaws slack, scratching our noggins in disbelief when we know what the next play will be?

We know CAIR. We know their resources. Now push back, like the righteous rebels we are…in what may be our last stand for freedom.

Shalom through strength…