Cable news hammers Hillary Clinton – Washington Examiner


Is the summer of media love over for Hillary Clinton?

Cable news was not at all kind to the former secretary of state Monday, as the she was dinged on multiple fronts for being supposedly out of touch and unauthentic — and all of this as rumors circulate that she may have a serious 2016 Democratic competitor in the form of Vice President Joe Biden.

Clinton’s early-announced $2 million ad buy, for example, will likely do little to convince voters she has a soft, “authentic” side, MSNBC talking heads suggested Monday.

“I just saw her picture on the front of New York Magazine,” morning host Joe Scarborough said. “Her head was back, it was one of those fake phony campaign laughs that she does, where she throws her head back and you know it’s phony.”

The panel suggested that Clinton’s infamously slow and cautious approach to campaigning has likely contributed to her unflattering image as being out of touch.

“If you’re cautious and everything about your campaign is focus-grouped and polled, you’re not being yourself,” Halperin said.

“It feels a lot of the time like she knows she’s up by 40 points,” MSNBC contributor Willie Geist added. “[The approach seems to be] don’t say anything to mess with that, don’t answer a question directly because you don’t have to, you can kind of obfuscate about things and be vague. I think that catches up with you eventually.”

At CNN, talk of Clinton’s “authenticity” problem was much of the same.

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