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JASON KESSLER: Charlottesville Rally Organizer same as Occupy Wall St. Organizer and Obama Supporter

JASON KESSLER: Charlottesville Rally Organizer same as Occupy Wall St. Organizer and Obama Supporter. According to the Souther Poverty Law Center Jason Kessler, “A relative newcomer to the white nationalist scene, made waves in his attempt to unseat Charlottesville’s only black city councilman and for his status as a bridge between a Virginia gubernatorial candidate […]


Trump Full Video & Transcripts of Both Conferences

Trump VIDEO of his Charlottesville “Both Sides” Commentary on Saturday as events were unfolding. TUESDAY Press Conference at Trump Tower (FULL TRANSCRIPT BELOW OF BOTH VIDEOS and also Trump’s Whitehouse statement on 08/14/17 Monday) The White House Office of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release August 12, 2017 Initial Charlottesville remarks on Saturday Trump National […]


DHS Secretary John Kelly Replaces Reince Priebus as WH Chief of Staff. Elaine Duke heads DHS!

Reince Priebus delivered his resignation to President Trump on Thursday amid accusations from incoming WH Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci. On Friday President Trump announced Secretary of Homeland Security Gen. John Kelly as the new White House Chief of Staff.  Elaine Duke will head the Department of Homeland Security.


Trump & Putin

In the wake of Trump’s historic speech in Warsaw Poland on Thursday, and the sale of defense systems and oil trade with Poland the mainstream media is having a tough time spinning the Russia narrative that Trump is too friendly with Russia. Energy independence, and Trump’s push to strengthen NATO with anti-ballistic missile assets and […]


Liberal Agenda? Raise Hell!

The political left in America has morphed into an anti-Democratic, anti-Trump hate group with the mission of terrorizing anyone who stands against them. After eight years of former President Obama’s leadership we’ve seen an escalation of racial tension and divide, economic despair and crumbling inner cities, and a level of political intolerance not seen since […]


White House Leakers May Be Linked to Lindsey Graham & John McCain!

Anti-Trump Senators and Neo-Cons Lindsey Graham and John McCain successfully planted their mole by strong arming the White House with promises of cooperation in exchange for compliance with Syria. Legislative affairs chief for the National Security Council Virginia Boney, and White House Personnel Director John Destefano top the list of White House officials who are […]