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Australia, New Zealand, and Allies Say China Behind Malicious Cyber Activity

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Australia and New Zealand (NZ) have joined the United States in attributing malicious cyber activity to China’s Ministry of State Security and said they are deeply disturbed by Beijing using criminal contract hackers to back its state-run cyberattacks against targets worldwide. In media releases issued late Monday night, both the Australian and New Zealand governments called out the Chinese regime for its exploitation of vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Exchange software, which affected thousands of computers and networks worldwide, including in Australia and New Zealand. “These actions have undermined international stability and security by opening the door to a range of other actors, including cybercriminals, who continue to exploit this vulnerability for illicit gain,” Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne, Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews, and Defence Minister Peter Dutton said in a joint statement. Australia also called on China to adhere to the commitments it made in the G20, and bilaterally “refrain from …

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