Apple Aims to ‘Redesign’ Radio – Inside Radio


Unfurling its freshly launched streaming music service yesterday, Apple’s Eddy Cue articulated a thought that many in radio would agree with. “Internet radio isn’t really radio; it’s just a playlist of songs,” the head of software and internet services said at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference. To stand out from the expanding online radio pack, Apple intends to use what’s long been broadcast radio’s bread and butter: live personalities.

The tech giant has recruited a trio of high profile hosts to staff a live, 24/7 online radio station. Julie Adenuga will broadcast live from London, “Hot 97” WQHT morning man Ebro Darden from New York and former BBC Radio 1 host Zane Lowe from Los Angeles.

Dubbed Beats 1, the global stream will beam simultaneously to 100 countries around the globe starting June 30. Exclusive interviews, and guest hosts are part of the formula.

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