American Thinker: President Doofus


Doofus is an unusual but appropriate appellation for President Barack Hussein Obama.

What Is A Doofus?

“Doofus” is slang referring to a boob, for which the thesaurus lists the following synonyms — idiot, nitwit, dunce, fathead, fool, goof, goon, imbecile, jerk.

Some might argue that these synonyms may be inapplicable. Perhaps, but a diminishing percentage would argue that none are applicable. Such a characterization of the president five years ago might have seemed radical or harsh. Even the few who felt that way are probably surprised at the incomparable ineptness of Obama and his Administration.

Our current situation should not surprise. There is a reason that any properly run organization requires qualifications for each job.  Experience matters. No one hires a car mechanic to perform brain surgery. Why should it be a surprise when a “community organizer” is incapable of performing successfully as president?

What Happens When A Doofus Is Elected?

In comparison to Obama, the hapless Jimmy Carter looks like Jack Welch or Peter Drucker, both legendary in the field of management. Our unfortunate real-life version of Chauncy Gardner is increasingly seen as Chance the Gardener, although one wonders whether he would do any better in that position.

All of this may be good for Jimmy Carter but terrible for the country! The reality of how bad things truly are is now known. A Politico poll suggests that a majority of the public now understands.  Breitbart highlighted the findings (my italics):

The poll, which surveyed states and districts in the most competitive congressional races, found that 64% of Americans believe “things in the U.S. feel like they are out of control right now.”

Specifically, the poll found that 84% of voters believe the Islamic State (ISIS) represents a “serious” threat to America. Just 12% said ISIS terrorists do not pose a serious threat.

On the issue of Obamacare, the poll found that 57% of Americans believe their health care costs will increase, and just 7% believe that Obamacare will do as President Barack Obama claimed and reduce personal costs.

Politico’s poll also found Obama slightly trailing former President George W. Bush on managerial effectiveness. When asked “Which President do you believe was more effective at managing the basic functions of the federal government?” 38% said George W. Bush, 35% said Obama, and 26% answered “both about the same.”

More Democrats consider Obama an albatross and refuse to acknowledge him or appear with him.  He is limping through the remainder of his presidency sans friends and supporters. Wes Pruden described the situation:

Rarely if ever has a presidency dissolved so dramatically, so quickly, and with his approval hovering at 40 percent and threatening to sink lower, Mr. Obama has no capital left if he knew how to spend it. Some of his most loyal followers and reliable liege men won’t even admit to having ever voted for him when everybody knows they did.

There is probably no better national example of “familiarity breeds contempt.”

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