“Alexa, Play Red State Talk Radio”! Voice Command On-Demand Radio has arrived!

Red State Talk Radio Announcement (Philadelphia, PA), November 17, 2017 – Red State Talk Radio (RSTR), “the dominant voice in conservative politics” is pleased to announce the easiest way to listen to Red State Talk Radio in your home or car is with Amazon Echo “Alexa” voice command technology.

Simply say, “Alexa, Play Red State Talk Radio” to listen to the #1 rated conservative political talk LIVE radio in America and around the world!

Check out our “Alexa, Play Red State Talk Radio” billboard ad in Times Square:

RSTR-Amazon-Alexa from Red State on Vimeo.

Now you can listen to your favorite internet radio programs as easy as you can your favorite terrestrial radio stations you might find on your radio dial.

Available in your home, or car, Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Google Home, Apple Carplay, and Android Auto have incorporated what has become known as “voice command, on-demand radio”. It’s easy, fun, safe, and puts digital radio at your command.

Be sure to check out other gadgets and accessories that will expand this technology like Triby! Amazon Echo “Alexa” technology also supports home lighting, thermostat, home security, & much more.

2017 marks the first year that digital radio accessibility and ease of use will compete in the traditional terrestrial radio markets, reminding us once again, that digital radio has arrived.