Ad buyers more interested in streaming. – Inside Radio


As agency media teams put together client plans for the coming year, the odds that a digital radio component will be part of the outline are growing.  Half (48%) of agencies say they are more interested in streaming radio than a year ago, according to the quarterly survey conducted by media buying software firm Strata.

Just 8% report a waning interest in buying web radio — the second-lowest figure since Strata began asking the question.  It may help soften a so-so read on broadcast radio.  Strata says just 10% of agencies are more interested in buying radio spots than a year ago.  But marketing chief J.D. Miller points out that a look at the history of the survey dating back to 2008 shows this typically is the weakest quarter for radio.  Not surprisingly, digital media overall remains the area where interest is growing the most.  Strata says 81% of agencies are putting more focus on digital compared to a year earlier. Meanwhile, a record two-thirds of agencies reported less interest in print.

The Strata survey also points to a fundamental shift in how media decisions are being made.  After never ranking as a big concern, for the second consecutive quarter the top issue for agencies is figuring out the correct media mix.  It was cited by 41% of those surveyed.  That’s nine points higher than attracting new clients.

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