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Now that Republicans have taken over in Congress, you’re expecting great things, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. You should expect to be disappointed.

Many will have you believe that a full repeal of ObamaCare is not possible, but, in fact, it is. Unfortunately, it may not happen.

All it would take to set the table for full repeal is Republicans growing a spine.

The trillion dollar question is whether the Senate Majority Leader and Speaker of the House will allow a Senate staffer, known as the Senate Parliamentarian, to ruin the one possible plan to send a repeal bill to the president this year.

Republicans can’t use so-called “regular order” to pass a repeal bill because Democrats would filibuster, preventing a final vote. That is why some in the Senate have explored the possibility of using the “reconciliation” process. Reconciliation allows Senate members to debate a bill for a certain period of time without having to filibuster and presents the only chance of having a bill reach the president’s desk.

The budget resolution is supposed to be an annual process where Congress sets overall budget caps for different spending functions to make sure the annual spending bills are consistent with the caps.

Although the president sends a budget to Congress every year, the congressionally passed budget never is sent to the president for his signature. This is important because it prevents a president from blocking a budget resolution with a veto.

The budget resolution this year can be used to set up a vote on full repeal without the possibility of a filibuster. The Obama Administration used the reconciliation process to pass a critical piece of ObamaCare. Therefore, there is a precedent for the use of reconciliation to deal with it.

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