You’re HIRED! Scaramucci’s replacement is… (wow!)

You’re HIRED! Scaramucci’s replacement is… (wow!)

The White House communications department has undergone a purge in the last few weeks, and rumors are beginning to swirl surrounding who will replace thevacant position of communications director.

Following Anthony Scaramucci’s departure on Monday, a White House insider told The Daily Caller that Kellyanne Conway could be next up to bat.

Kellyanne Conway at CPAC 2017

Conway has been an long-term ally to President Donald Trump, and successfully served as the first ever female presidential campaign manager. She was previously a Republican pollster.

Conway now serves as a senior counselor to the president, consistently appearing on the media talkshows to lend truth to the liberal spin.

The replacement rumors began immediately after Scaramucci left his position — and it’s likely that Conway would accept the position should she be offered.

She has not responded to requests for comment, but when asked on Fox News Sunday whether she would obey orders from the new chief of staff Conway responded, “I will do whatever the president and our new chief of staff, Gen. Kelly, will ask me to do. I’m always a protocol-and-pecking-order kind of gal. I’m a very deferential person. I never addressed the President, even when he was a candidate —as close as we are, as boss and employee, I’ve never addressed him by his first name. I always address people like Gen. Kelly as, ‘Sir.’”

The well-spoken, confident and polite Conway could be just the person Trump’s looking for.

— The Horn editorial team