Why Do Some People Call Simple Truth Divisive?

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I am always happy when I see younger Americans getting involved with important issues affecting our dear republic.  After all, they represent the future of the United States.  Will they challenge the status quo and seek to build a stronger United States of America with an emphasis on strengthening America for Americans?  Or will they follow the indoctrination dictates and influences they are bombarded with in the indoctrination centers commonly called colleges and universities they attend?

One subject that quickly comes to mind concerning younger Americans is the abysmal state of affairs between Muslims and their vow of domination over all non-Muslims.  Currently, Muslims own and abuse 20 million African slaves.  They also dominate many thousands of sex slaves, some of which are well under twelve years of age.  Because Muslim law permits the raping of women unless of course, they are pregnant.  To get around that little barrier, those peace loving Muslim men now force sex slaves to ingest birth control pills so they can be raped by those well-meaning, kind Muslims whenever they are in the mood.  Whew!

Now, those peace loving Muslims boldly take over city streets in New York City and Paris, just to intimidate Americans and Europeans.  Muslims are instructed in their little Quran’ to view black people as slaves and raisin heads with no souls.  Yet, most American students are indoctrinated into believing that it is now racist to simply seek to protect our porous borders, from the invasion of mostly young male, Muslim refugees.  Like all dedicated Muslims they most likely have sworn to obey Allah and either convert us to Islam or kill us.

One young Muslim, Safeer Ahmad a senior at St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Cleveland recently said that Donald Trump’s call for building a wall along our Mexican border was outrageous.  (imagine that, the U.S. doing what every other nation does in protecting their borders as outrageous.)  Then Ahmad stated that Trump’s (in my opinion) reasonable idea of temporarily banning Muslims from coming into this country until the refugee and illegal immigrant situation is solved, as going too far.  (Ha, what nerve)

The young Muslim went on to use the “legal immigrant” example of Steve Jobs being a son of a Syrian immigrant who blessed America with his great mind as a reason why the United States should just simply allow “illegal immigrants” and mostly male Muslims to saunter into our republic at will.  Young Safeer Ahmad, even had the nerve or ignorant induced nerve to claim that Muslims are right to be outraged and are coming together.  This is all because Some Americans want to protect our borders and keep out dedicated and devout Muslim terrorists.  Whew!

He also criticized Dr. Ben Carson for saying that Muslims who believe in sharia law and also abide by American values must be schizophrenic.  With an objective view of what Dr. Carson correctly stated, one can plainly recognize that the man was not only observant, but ultra spot on.  Even Muslims themselves say that their way of life and beliefs are incompatible with ours.   For instance, when Muslims peacefully decide to move into another nation, they do so only because their numbers are very low at first.

But as soon as they have achieved a significant population level, (usually eight percent) first there are the demands for special rights.  Then certain legal eagle challenges crop up, such as forcing super markets and eateries to stop selling pork products are enacted.  As much as society gives in for the sake of being inclusive, the more Muslim bullies will take as they try to exclude our own American traditions.

In the very informative book, What Every American Need to Know About the Quran’ a History of Islam & the United States, Author William J. Federer reminds us of typical Muslim tragedy.  On November 5, 2009, a fundamentalist Muslim, Major Malik Nabal Hansan killed 14 and wounded 30 at the largest U.S. Army base, Fort Hood in Texas.  Such terrorist actions have roots in Islamic tradition dating all the way back to Mohammed.  Pagan leader Kaab Ibn al-Ashraf was preparing to fight Mohammed, his tribe was very strong.  So Mohammed sent one of his men to lie and pretend to be an allie, then murder the tribal leader after gaining his trust.  (Like so-called Afghan U.S. trained Muslim allies have done against our troops)

Should we sacrifice our beloved republic for the sake of political correctness, or the anti- American sovereignty gooks who want to flood our nation with illegal immigrants and mostly young raping Muslim male refugees?  I say absolutely not.  Unfortunately, many establishment republicans would rather stop Trump than raping terrorist is a tragedy.  We must readopt the resolve to reclaim our Constitutionally Limited Republic through Providential guidance, and sheer strong determination that must not be diminished one iota.

We owe it to ourselves, our children, and generations beyond.  Dear reader, the republic you save may be your own, if you are willing to do so and keep it.  Let us begin today to insure a better tomorrow.  God Bless America and May America Bless God.

Ron Edwards produces and hosts The Edwards Notebook, an award winning syndicated radio commentary. He is a talented and gifted commentator with over two decades of experience.For more information about Ron Edwards visit, http://www.theronedwards.com/about.