Wasteful Spending and Sucking up to Muslims


A weakening United States dollar and drought conditions are not the only reasons for increasing food prices. A big warning from an Australian food store franchise chain shines a bright light on the situation. In this day and age of many chicken hearted business owners, chicken hearted governments and in certain cases, chicken hearted churches, it is encouraging when that rare company has the stones to stand up to Muslim bullies.

Dick Smith stores of Australia received some rather harsh communications from the Islamic council of Australia. The conspired to bully Dick Smith store into gaining halal certification.   Otherwise they were to be proscribed and banned from customary Muslim acceptance. The good folks at had a rather uncustomary response for the Muslim bullies. “We at Dick Smiths have received a number of letters from people asking if we will be putting the Muslim halal logo on our food.” The Australian food seller went on to point out that basically, they would be paying high prices for Muslim inspectors who will simply make sure they comply with certain Muslim conditions of halal certification.

In addition, halal certification does not reflect upon or improve the quality of food. So far, major food producers such as Kraft and Cadbury have already cow towed to the Muslim extortionist bullies and pay huge halal fees which are passed on to customers through higher food prices. The halal demands are not even religious based, but rather commercial in nature only. Another reason, Dick Smith foods decided against caving in to the Muslim extortionists because the money that would be wasted to try and please Muslim bullies is being better utilized in the aid of worthy charities that help those in need.

It must be clearly pointed out that no corporation has been bullied by Christian organizations in Australia, the United States, or any nation into slapping a religious symbol on food products and requiring extortion payments to keep them happy.

Now in case you do not know this, it is a dangerous proposition to simply give large sums of money to any Muslim organization on earth for any reason. Muslims are among the most crafty and organized people on earth. They know how to make monetary transactions look legitimate while passing the cash to dedicated Muslim terrorists who are hell bent on destroying infidel nations like the United States of America and Australia.

In addition, per instructions in their quran,’ dedicated Muslims are instructed to not tell the truth to non-Muslims. So most likely if a Muslim says that halal extortion money is not passed on to terrorist he is stating a big fat lie.   It is a shame that Scweppes, Nestle’s, Kraft and Cadbury all pay enormous sums of money to the self-anointed Muslim inspector bullies and then simply pass the cost increase to their valued customers.

Throughout this country, Muslim bullies are utilizing progressive leaning attorneys to try and force several state jurisdictions to adopt or at least permit sharia law in family, property and marriage matters. Also, by the way, sharia law is the ultimate war on women. Several cities in what used to be jolly old England are lamenting their delusional decision to allow sharia law into their charming locales.

How long, oh ye foolish ones who endanger our republic by bowing to Muslim demands like halal? Such efforts are only designed to fatten the coffers of Muslim terrorists who have vowed to kill us and eliminate the nation of Israel from off the face of the earth. I for one will never, ever purchase any food products with the dreaded halal symbol on them.

For the good of America, as well as the general well-being of our children and future generations, it only makes sense for all well-meaning sovereign citizens of this republic to stand up against those who long to destroy our exceptional nation way of life. To begin, no well-meaning American should ever purchase halal designated food products.

It wouldn’t hurt for “We the People” to unite and demand that the federal government carry out its constitutionally mandated duty to protect our republic from enemies, both foreign and domestic.

We must no longer allow those voted into office to hold the United Nations agenda 21 mission of destroying our rights and American sovereignty in higher regard than the will of those of us who truly care about this land of the free and home of the brave. It is time to remind government officials that it is a free and prosperous population of Americans blessed by God who is the source of the economic resources they have taken for granted and wasted for much too long. It is most insulting that the government steals through legal edict far too much of our money. Government officials even have the nerve it to aid our enemies in their effort to invade this land in order to “fundamentally change America,” which president Obama proudly announced during his campaign for the oval office.

This final note: the government treasury hauled in a record 3,248.723.000.000 dollars in tax revenues for fiscal 2015. Yet the federal government still ran a deficit of $438.899.000.000 for the fiscal year. Unfortunately, the quality of life for Americans in general continues to decline as more and more dollars are wasted on entitlements and taking care of millions illegal immigrants at taxpayer expense. Enough of the problems already. In my next column, nothing but real solutions to all the madness.