Time To Slam The Door On Fake Refugees


A refugee is,

“Someone who is unable or unwilling to return to their country of origin owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion.”

This definition does not fit most of the millions of people on the move to another country today. In addition, their attitudes would make even the most spoiled American teen to blush.

It is nothing new for the liberals to mislabel groups of people or situations. For example, Obama likens Islamic terrorist acts to workplace violence, and people who express well-documented facts about the Muslim Brotherhood or CAIR are Islamophobes. Certainly those pointing out the black on black crime are called racists.

Yes, the leftist liberals are notorious for speaking lies and claiming it to be the truth. So, it is no surprise that the status of refugee has been bestowed on different groups of people who are leaving their countries for entirely different reasons than the ones mentioned above.

In the American mind, the word refugee used to automatically illicit a sympathetic response to the plight of the destitute, malnourished, and poorly clothed who are forced out of their native country in order to survive. That reaction is quickly fading as it is obvious many of these so called refugees are racing for a higher standard of living that you and I are going to pay for.

The mostly Muslim young-male populations seeking refugee status in Europe are making a beeline for Germany where the money and welfare is the prime target. They complain about the weather, free clothes, lack of halal food, slow internet and the service at the refugee centers. What real “refugee” does that?

In addition to the mislabeling of refugees, we will soon be hearing that sexual assault on American women by these immigrants is just “multicultural expression”,  instead of rape. No doubt the liberals, especially the feminists, will lead the pack in protecting the “refugees” barbaric behavior. Except in this case the feminists themselves will be the targets, because it won’t take long for the Muslim men to get a taste of the 2nd amendment loving women who won’t tolerate their harassment.

It is time we demand a halt to this Refugee Resettlement Program, not only for security reasons, but simply because many of the participants aren’t even meeting the standard of being called a refugee in the first place. There are so many red flags being thrown-up in regards to this phony “humanitarian” program, yet the Obama administration, leftists and establishment are accelerating it.

Issues  like these that make a sane person pause and ask, “Is there anybody in a leadership position anymore that has a fraction of common sense left in their body?” The clear answer is that very few remain in our congress and administration who even believe in our own Constitution, and would rather take money and power over protecting Americans safety or their opportunity for employment.

These faux refugees are waltzing into our country demanding we take care of them, and change our ways to fit their culture. Many would say these “refugees” are simply responding to an invitation to come by weak governmental policies and programs that promise the moon, and no prosecution. Their presence here is certainly geared to further cripple the middle class, crush the American spirit and dilute our culture.

I’m waiting to see where the red line is for Americans on this issue. After all, Americans have been disregarded and pushed to the limit as: their freedoms are taken, money is siphoned, faith ridiculed, Constitution trampled, and security threatened. This is being accomplished by an influx of people that want nothing more than to take their: life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.  How much more is the American citizen going to take before they say, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore.”