The Omnibus Bill Should Be Called The Ominous Bill


Last Thursday the political landscape was favoring the passage of the awe inspiring Omnibus Bill, which should be called the “Ominous bill.” Friday, after the vote I felt somewhat like I did the morning after Obama’s second election to president…impending doom.

Why would congress, who was given power, not use it to tell Obama to go pimping elsewhere for money to fund his destruction of America? The simple fact is that Obama can do nothing without money, and Congress writes the check, period. But, these establishment guys don’t know how to handle power.

On the contrary, power is what Trump is accustomed to and has no problems knowing how to use it in order to close a deal. And like it or not, this bill just pushed Trump over the top. After Friday’s vote majority of Americans will not vote for any politician for president.

The establishment republicans didn’t show up to fight the bill, not a whisper of disagreement was to be found to Omnibus. I don’t know why they even bothered getting out of bed that day. Their vote made me want to crawl back in mine and pull the sheets up over my head. They are a complete embarrassment.

The American people now see the Establishment for who they are, believers in government and not the people. They live and breathe government, and it is most definitely, in their little minds, to be protected above all else. They want to see a corporatization of our government instead where unlimited money and power are wrapped up into one nice package.

Apparently the 2,200 plus page bill was given out just two days before the vote. It sounds very similar to the Obamacare bill. Its the kind where I guess you have to pass it so you can see what’s in it. The Omnibus bill was full of funding for sanctuary cities, immigrant visas, Planned Parenthood, Obamacare, immigrants, and Refugee Resettlement.

An article states,

In a December 3rd letter to administration officials, Sens. Sessions and Ted Cruz explained,

“Congress is days away from consideration of an omnibus year-end funding bill that would set the U.S. on an autopilot path to approve green cards, asylee, and refugee status to approximately 170,000 migrants from Muslim countries during the next fiscal year. In addition to that would tens of thousands of temporary visas for entry and employment, and the entire sum is added to the rest of the annual autopilot green card, asylee, refugee, and foreign worker flow.”

In addition to immigration the bill: funds killing babies and selling their parts, infuses our culture with more Muslims from warring countries, protects criminals and murders, and makes sure our citizens have crappy healthcare. Did I miss anything?

There is no doubt in my mind that Trump will be the nominee after this debacle. What would make sense is for him to choose Cruz as his running mate. The Cruz factor would bring along the staunch conservatives and stabilize Trump for those who are a little nervous about him. This is the duo that would agitate the Establishment in the extreme, something most Americans would love to do after all the times they have stabbed us in the back. Hillary wouldn’t stand a chance.

Is there any difference at all between democrats and Establishment republicans? Not really, but I have to say I find it easier now to like a democrat who at least tells you to your face what he/she is all about instead of playing a part in some strange charade. There were however brave Republicans who voted principle over cowardice and they should be supported. The list can be found here.

The race for president in 2016 is bound to be exciting, and I believe the playing field on the Republican side just got whittled down to one.