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Eric Holder

Eric Holder

In his new book, Obama’s Enforcer: Eric Holder’s Justice Department (co-written with John Fund), Hans von Spakovsky reveals how our attorney general has turned America’s Department of Justice into “a politicized hotbed of left-wing legal activism.” The author revealed to Human Events the magnitude of Holder’s offenses highlighted in his book, offenses which should be an alarming wake-up call to every American:

What do you reveal in your book that people might not know about Eric Holder?

People would be shocked at just how much of an ideologue he is. I think they would [also] be surprised at just how far back this goes, and in particular, the way he has completely politicized the department throughout all the different divisions, and how that now drives the decision-making, which is a very bad thing for the Justice Department, given its ability to abuse the law.

You say in your book that Holder has lied under oath numerous times. Can you tell us specifically what you’re referring to?

We give some very specific examples[in the book]. One example is, on Operation Fast and Furious, he misinformed Congress as to when he found out about it and knew about it. In fact, he changed his story on that with two different committees, telling a House committee one thing, and telling a Senate committee something else. He also clearly lied to Congress when he said there were no political appointees involved in the decision to dismiss the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case. We now know that is not true.

How did Holder get so powerful and how is he able to get away with this?

For two reasons: One, he has the complete support of the president. The president likes what he’s doing, has no objections to anything he is doing, and in fact, it’s a team effort between the two of them to ignore the laws they don’t like, to change laws they don’t like, and to carry out what the president considers to be his priorities in the public policy arena, even when it’s against the law.

Also, he’s able to get away with this because it’s very clear that Democrats in the Senate and Democrats in the House also completely support everything he’s doing. They have absolutely no objections to his breaking the law, and so he’s got their full support, and he’s got the president’s full support.

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