The Desert Dung: Saudi Arabia and The Refugee Problem


Ignorant leaders in the West…out of faux White guilt or just plain appeasement…are on a suicide mission of planting potential terrorists into their counties. Guided by the UN, the EU and the current administration, are (in a despotic fashion) forcing unvetted Syrian migrants onto their people. We’ve seen the disastrous result of these feckless and pernicious actions in such tragic events as the Paris attacks (and numerous other incidents that have been thwarted).

What most people in the West are not privy to is the fact that a Muslim country…the quintessential Muslim State…has the solution to the ‘refugee’ problem right there in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia.

Mina (aka the Tent City), is a neighborhood of Mecca in Makkah Province, in western Saudi Arabia. It is comprised of more than 100,000 air-conditioned tents provide temporary accommodation to visiting pilgrims. It can accommodate approximately 1,000,000 people comfortably. It is utilized 5 days a year during the Hajj.

That makes these abodes EMPTY 360 days a year!

A few questions come to mind:

· Why has Saudi Arabia not offered these habitations to their Muslim brethren ‘refugees’ coming out of Syria?
· Why hasn’t the UN called on Saudi Arabia to offer this tent city, since the distance between Syria & Saudi Arabia is about the same as the distance from NYC to Jackson, MS?
· Mina, Mecca is well known to the Muslim world AND to Western leaders, so why is the UN, the US & the EU silent on its existence concerning the ‘refugees’?

These are legitimate questions that MUST be answered. As more and more States in the US refuse this forced augmentation of their population, and the former Eastern bloc countries of the EU stand strong against this violent flood satiated with Jihadis…the battle lines are being drawn.

The net worth of the Saudi Kingdom is $1.4 TRILLION. This tremendously wealthy nation possesses not only the means but has immediate housing (100,000 air-conditioned tents) ready and VACANT 360 days a year, and yet has offered nothing to its Muslim brethren in dire need. They have chosen instead to use their influence at the UN to burden non-Muslim nations to shelter their kin.

This clearly makes the Saudi Kingdom: The Desert Dung.

Shalom through strength…