The American Spectator : Planting the Seeds of His Own Demise

The conservative comeback begins now — on the assumption that a majority of Americans will not welcome a second Great Depression.

Stop that cringing! I can already see the light at the end of the tunnel. And it’s not pretty for today’s neo-Marxist Democrat party.

The man you see before you as your President today bears a striking resemblance to the main character in a Greek tragedy. He so reeks of hubris. Every word that drops from his lips speaks a haughty derision of the lesser beings not benighted to be a cog in his political machine. All witness Obama the Magnificent, the conqueror of America, which was the world hyperpower, but is now the Sick Man of the 21st Century, en route to terminal illness.

Middle class beware. Did you not hear four years ago Obama the Magnificent bewail that America with 4 percent of the world’s population consumes 25 percent of the world’s resources? So unfair, you know, the magic incantation of the Obama Regime. He told us that “we just can’t keep driving our SUVs, eating whatever we want, keeping our homes at 72 degrees at all times regardless of whether we live in the tundra or the desert, and keep consuming 25% of the world’s resources with just 4% of the world’s population, and expect the rest of the world to say you just go ahead we’ll be fine.”

The sloppiness in El Primo’s thinking there is revealed by the phrase “the world’s resources.” But America in reality never consumed any of the world’s production. It always only consumed 100% of America’s production (including what it traded some of that production for).

That is why previous American Presidents would have said, you got a problem with the American standard of living, you just address your complaint to the Seventh Fleet. But under Obama, America does not even have a Seventh Fleet anymore. We barely even have a First Fleet, and that is doomed to the sequester budget guillotine, on the same road as America’s formerly dominant nuclear deterrent.

So much for America’s former morally embarrassing global military dominance. And Obama has the same solution for America’s former morally embarrassing overconsumption. Reduce America with 4 percent of the world’s population to consuming just 4 percent of the world’s resources, a decline of 84 percent from its former standard of living. That would be fair, in Obama’s eyes. Richard Trumka, call your office.

The Obama Timeline to the Dustbin of History

Conservatives who want to fight back should start with Obama’s Second Inaugural Address and his 2013 State of the Union. These will be grand pronouncements of neo-Marxist principle and strategy. Books should be written unwinding them. They will be monuments to the Obama tactic of Calculated Deception, i.e., taking advantage of what he is sure a majority of Americans do not know, and what he calculates the Democrat party-controlled media won’t tell them.

But in his hubris, and self-deception, Obama will plant the seeds of his own demise in the words of those addresses. Every paean to the middle class should and will be written in stone and compared to subsequent performance. Every promise to the poor and working people will be stored for future reference as the impact of Obamanomics on the poor and working people unfolds.

At about the same time, the first shoe will drop — the 2014 Obama Budget proposal. This will outline what America’s socialist future will look like under the Grand Vision of the Great Marxist, as the numbers crunchers effectively force Obama to confess that he wants higher taxes to pay for higher spending, which is what the budget will show. Check out in particular CBO’s long-term projections of federal spending, and the national debt. They will show Obama is proposing the so-called Swedish socialism of the government taking and spending more than half of the entire GDP. (Even the Swedes have grown past Swedish socialism.)

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