The American Spectator : Obama’s Half-Assad War

He is the “armchair weekend warrior” he once decried.

In Obama’s 2002 speech against the Iraq war, he scoffed at “armchair weekend warriors” who pursue “dumb” and “rash” interventions. As if to punctuate that he has become what he once opposed, Obama went golfing on Saturday right after announcing his plans to bomb Syria. Not even Wag the Dog captured that level of presidential cynicism.

In his 2002 speech, Obama said that “petty dictators” don’t justify military intervention, that Saddam Hussein posed no “imminent threat” to the U.S., that war would divert attention from domestic problems, and that a poorly conceived war would “fan the flames” of the Middle East and make a bad situation worse. Substitute “Syria” for “Iraq” in the speech and one has a decent rejoinder to his Saturday announcement: Assad is a petty dictator; he hasn’t attacked the U.S.; this is a wag-the-dog diversion by a floundering president; the lack of any coherent strategy is sure to destabilize Syria and boost Islamic radicals.

The justification for this war, from the vantage point of vital American interests, is nil. It makes about as much sense as Assad announcing that he will launch military strikes on the U.S. because Obama supports the killing of over a million unborn babies a year.

It is sad to see Republicans like Boehner join in this phony harrumphing about evil abroad. Fix your own country. Address America’s moral evils. Pols who can’t stop chemical abortions in America won’t stop chemical bombing in Syria.

Obama has probably spent more time thinking about his golf game than the “women and children” of Syria. Yet we’re supposed to believe that he has made this weighty decision after tossing and turning at night, unable to shake thoughts of the Assad “menace.”

Another dangerous fraud, John McCain, who has never visited a troubled country he didn’t want to bomb, claims that the anti-Assad rebels are “moderates.” When Fox News host Brian Kilmeade said on Tuesday that he didn’t want to back Syrian rebels who scream “Allahu Akbar!” after bombing buildings, McCain, revealing the Islamophilia behind America’s Arab-Spring foreign policy, replied that those chants don’t bother him. “They are moderates,” he said, dismissing the chants as no more “offensive” than a Christian who says “thank God.” Too bad Kilmeade didn’t ask McCain to give examples of Christians yelling “thank God” after slitting someone’s throat. Naturally, the media, which is always in the tank for radical Islam, praised McCain for his “shaming” of Kilmeade.

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