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Station Summary

Red State Talk Radio, founded by Tennessee-based IT consultant Premo Mondone, is one of the fastest-growing liberty-minded, constitutional conservative political stations in the USA. Since going on the air with six hosts in May of 2010, the network has added 22 hosts and experienced explosive growth since the spring of 2012. Up to that point Red State Talk Radio had enjoyed a respectable, if slow and steady growth rate, but under Mondone’s leadership has been on a rapid upward trajectory ever since, with no signs of slowing down. At time of writing the station is already receiving over 700 unique  listeners per day with over 20,000 monthly connections.

Although Mondone can only devote a limited amount of effort to the station during his spare time and on weekends due to client and work commitments, his sales and marketing background combined with IT expertise has served him well. He’s learned to leverage SEO and internet marketing to successfully launch Red State Talk Radio into the top 4-5% of all Shoutcast stations and into the top ten search results for “Conservative Talk Radio” in just about every search engine.

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