SNL Stoops to New Low with “Fatal Attraction” Skit

Saturday Night Live (SNL) just stooped to a new low with a February 11th  sketch depicting President Donald Trump’s senior adviser Kellyanne Conway as the Alex Forrest character from the film  “Fatal Attraction” with her stalking CNN’s Jake Tapper in much the same way that Glenn Close stalked Dan, the Michael Douglas character in the 1987 film. And just like Alex threatened to kill Dan, the SNL Kellyanne threatened to kill the Jake Tapper character. The writers at SNL intimated that Tapper’s cancelling one of Conway’s appearances on his show would push her so over the edge that she would literally start stalking and threatening him.  The scene even included the classic line “I will not be ignored”.

The “creepy” sketch featuring Kate McKinnon as Conway and Beck Bennett as Tapper is yet another example of how Saturday Night Live has crossed the line from humor to horror.  Even Jake Tapper was not amused tweeting “Um”.  The scene offended members of both the right and the left. For instance, left leaning writer Olivia Nuzzi who is affiliated with  New York Magazine tweeted.  “SNL just gave a gift to the White House with this sexist, unfunny Kellyanne Conway skit.”

Here is the other issue with this gruesome piece of theater. When the movie “Fatal Attraction” was released, it received some backlash for depicting  Close’s single career woman character as unhinged and contrasting her with the emotionally balanced traditional stay at home mother as played by Anne Archer.

However, we are not in 1987 any more and Kellyanne Conway does not fit the mold of either the Close or the Archer character. She is a woman with a law degree who has owned a political polling business for over twenty years and moreover, made history as the first woman to manage a winning presidential campaign. She is also a mother of four children, twelve year old twins, an eight year old and a seven year old. What is the liberal media trying to say? This successful woman who is also married with family has stalker tendencies? Or are they just making that allegation about successful Republican women?  Also speaking of children. It is very possible that the Conway children may see that sketch on television or the internet.

What was SNL thinking?

Leonora Cravotta is the Program & Talent Director for Red State Talk Radio, the Co-Host for the Scott Adams Show, a political radio talk show, and a syndicated writer for conservative publications.