The Steve Beaman Show with Carol Parisi


Red State Talk Radio is excited to welcome The Steve Beaman Show to its line-up. Hosted by Steve Beaman with Carol Parisi, The Steve Beaman Show airs Sunday nights on AM 560 The Answer in Chicago.

Ever feel as if you missed the class that covered how to solve real-life problems like managing your money, planning for your future, and providing for your family? We’ve got the answer: The Steve Beaman Show provides answers to life’s questions – with real world solutions on money, investments, planning, security, and life in general. If you’re the type that finds the stock market a bit mystifying, and can’t connect the dots between Wall Street and Main Street – and how that relates to your life, this is the show for you.

Host Steve Beaman puts his experience as a CEO, entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, single dad, and successful investment guru to work for you, explaining how you can protect and grow your money, survive uncertain economic times, and make your life a little better. Co-host Carol Parisi keeps things real with her insights as a life coach and planning.

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About Steve Beaman

Steve Beaman is a Renaissance man – CEO, entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and single dad. Steve began his rise to the top of the financial world, operating a venture capital/private equity firm funded by the capital he had accumulated through the sale of his previous company. Steve’s most public success was the co-founding, development and subsequent sale of this firm, Chicago Investment Analytics, the premier provider of independent research on Wall Street. In 2000, after a successful 10-year run, “CIA” as it was known, was sold to Charles Schwab and became the foundation of what is now known as the Schwab Equity Rating. During his time there, Steve was called “the best in the business” by one of the largest equity managers in the United States.

As an author, Steve has penned The American Dream: Under Fire, a non-fiction account of how Progressive policies have undermined the American Dream, The Path to Prosperity, a 12-disc, two volume audio CD series that provides a proven plan for achieving the American Dream, as well as countless articles for financial publications. As a speaker, he’s delivered the keynote for everything from industry conferences and high-end seminars and is a frequent guest on Fox Business, Newsmax TV, America’s ForumRussia Today,Red-State Talk Radio, Bill Martinez Live, the Price of Business, and other nationally-known media outlets. Midpoint’s Ed Berliner referred to Steve as their “Go-to guy when they need the facts…” referring to Steve’s ability to separate facts from hype, when discussing world and national economic situations. Beaman is a regularly featured guest on NewsmaxTV’s Midpoint.

Steve is the founder & Chairman of The Society to Advance Financial Education (S.A.F.E.); a not-for-profit company dedicated to helping individuals and businesses build better and more prosperous lives through financial & economic education.

About Carol Parisi

Carol Ann Parisi a successful female entrepreneur and co-host of The Steve Beaman Show. Carol has been an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and radio show producer for the last decade. She’s also a licensed life coach and planner.

In 2009, Carol founded AWAKEN AMERICA, The Great Awakening Group, a grassroots organization, to educate and engage Americans to action, and restore the representative republic as defined by the Constitution rooted in natural law. In 2011, Carol was tapped as the co-host and co-producer for Champion News, Sundays at 8AM on WIND AM 560 along with Jack Roeser, discussing all things conservative.