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Ed Dentzel

Ed Dentzel

Ed is a conservative author, podcaster, and blogger living 200 steps from the Gulf in Madeira Beach, FL, after 13 ½ years in Las Vegas. Originally from the Pittsburgh area, he is a 1993 graduate of Grove City College. Over the years he’s used his education along with his experiences of working in liberal strongholds to forge his brand of easy-to-understand, impossible-to-defeat conservatism. He notes F.A. Hayek, Eric Hoffer, Ronald Reagan, and Ayn Rand as his major influences.

When Ed isn’t doing politics, he enjoys following the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pirates, writing, disc golfing, reading anything that gets him closer to Wisdom, and working out. He’s also an accomplished classical pianist and self-taught guitarist. But family is the most important part of his life.

You can download his Govicide series of novels at And you can follow him on Twitter: @DentzelDomain.