The Conservative Syndicate – Jon Mathews and Joe Hakos

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“THE CONSERVATIVE SYNDICATE” is an independently produced, politically INCORRECT Talk Show that has aired over numerous internet stations since 2007.

“The Conservative Syndicate” takes political issues a step further beyond just politics by breaching the wall of separation between Church and State.  We have always believed there is no such separation, pointing to the historical fact that when you examine the various religions that make up the world population you see a direct correlation between freedom and/or oppression based on these belief systems.  We hold the belief that the spirituality of a nation determines their morality, prosperity and happiness or lack of it.

Our vision is to be recognized as the most controversial and provocative Talk Show on the airways.  We intend to leave no stone unturned, and will hold no issue sacred.  We will address the actions of this nation by all who claim to have America’s well being at heart while showing the opposite, whether it be a politician, activist, religious leader or a simple citizen for we believe the time has come for self-examination and where necessary repentance and reform.  Our guests will be from all walks of life and beliefs.  We will respect all but we will defend adamantly Judeo-Christian beliefs which we believe this nation was founded on and remains the necessary foundation for its survival.