The American Spectator : The Next Mitt Romney

GOP Establishment trumpets another Great Moderate Hope — Jeb Bush.

Jeb was neutral.

Say again, neutral.

As Ronald Reagan might say, there he went again.

What was Jeb Bush neutral about?

The choice between liberal Charlie Crist and conservative Marco Rubio for the Republican nomination for United States Senator from Florida.

Oh, he finally came around. After then-Governor Crist endorsed the Obama stimulus, this was a bridge too far even for former Governor Bush.

But when others were out there at the barricades for an unknown conservative Marco Rubio at the very beginning? When Mark Levin was, typically, out there first to give the conservative underdog some much needed attention with appearances on his show? Where was Jeb?

Say again: Jeb was neutral.

Why does this seemingly small detail amount to anything?

Over the Thanksgiving holidays, the New York Times ran this story on its front page, headlined as follows:

Jeb Bush in 2016? Not Too Early for Chatter

The paper might as well have had another headline:

Jeb Bush in 2016? Here Comes the Next Mitt Romney

The Times went on at length about the love for all-things Bush coming from the very same kind of people who were once upon a time insisting that only Mitt Romney could win the day for the GOP. The paper included favorable reference to Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education, about which more in a moment.

via The American Spectator : The Next Mitt Romney.




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