New Station Affiliate!

I’m pleased to announce the addition of a new station affiliate: TalkRadio AM 1620 KTFL – Gilbert, Arizona. They will relay our programming via Shoutcast relay.  In addition to broadcasting on the AM band, they also broadcast their content over the internet as well. They will begin relaying our content today @10:00am Eastern by broadcasting […]


Freedom’s Voice Broadcasting to Purchase Dark KPTO in Pocatello, Idaho

The principal of Freedom’s Voice Broadcasting is Tim Aalders who hosts the “Freedom’s Voice” talk show heard on United Broadcasting Company’s KTKK, Salt Lake City.  “Freedom’s Voice” is also rebroadcast right here at Red State Talk Radio. Ted Austin’s Main Street Broadcasting is the seller for the signal that is currently dark.  Aalders plans to […]


Herman Cain wins GOP Florida straw poll; Rick Perry in second place – Washington Times

ORLANDO — Former Godfather Pizza CEO Herman Cain won the Presidency 5 straw poll here Saturday, delivering a blow to Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s frontrunner status and a victory for a candidate who has struggled to transform his grassroots popularity into strong showings in national polls. “Tonight’s winner is Herman Cain,” Florida Gov. Rick Scott […]


Study: Listeners Love AM/FM Streams More than AM/FM Broadcasts « Audio4cast

Americans are spending more time in their cars, time spent in cars on weekdays has increased by over an hour since 2003. Last week, Arbitron, Edison Research and Scarborough presented an update to a study from 2003 called The Road Ahead that looks at in-car listening options and adoptions. via Study: Listeners Love AM/FM Streams […]


Industry News – TALKERS.COM

Rush Limbaugh Remains Most-Listened-To News/Talk Radio Personality.  The latest numbers have been tallied and there has not been significant change in the landscape of the national scene.  Premiere Networks talk superstar Rush Limbaugh maintains his spot as the top news/talk personality on the newly released bi-annual Top Talk Radio Audiences chart with a cume of […]


The New Radio Battle

In the past six months, more online music discovery and social sites have sprouted than corn stalks in Ohio. Theres no indication that the onslaught of these internet music services is going to slow.Everyone is looking for the magic bullet in music distribution online, and the radio industry is slowly plodding along repeating the “everyone […]


Clear Channel, iHeartRadio Are In It To Win It

    Clear Channel and Bob Pittman are going all out with the launch of their “New iHeartRadio.” For months Pittman has been promising a new and improved Clear Channel streaming platform. The New iHeartRadio will deliver to users the nation’s most popular broadcast radio stations as well as the ability to create custom stations […]


What Do Listeners Want? « Audio4cast

In 5-10 years the term “radio” will encompass all audio content that is distributed as continuous programming and delivered via various technologies including broadcast, satellite, and streaming. Radio devices will receive such programming from all of these sources seamlessly, so there will be less and less focus on which technology is delivering it. The listener […]


March Webcast Metrics Data « Audio4cast

A new Webcast Metrics ranker of measured stations for March shows that Pandora‘s audience AAS sits slightly below the half million mark, a number that is just slightly above last month’s position. Last month, when Pandora’s number showed some negative growth, we learned that there was some missing data and that would affect March and […]


Nielsen: Song, Album Sales Are Up « Audio4cast

Music sales are up this year, bucking a several year annual decline. Led by strong digital downloads of albums and songs, music sales in the US are up 1.6% through May 8th. That’s according to Nielsen. Physical album sales continue to drop, but the rise in online sales is compensating for the first time. Digital […]



The newly accredited Webcast Metrics has released rankers of streaming audience for March 2011 for the list of stations and groups of stations that subscribe to the service. As it has since it debuted, Pandora sits atop the ranker, but its number is 495,000 Average Active Sessions AAS during the Monday-Sunday 6a-12mid daypart, as opposed […]


New Study: Car Streaming is Here « Audio4cast

KnowDigital presented the results of a new study focused on Internet radio listening in cars at RAIN Summit West which revealed that Internet radio is – despite technological challenges – already in cars, and many of those who listen to Internet radio on a weekly basis have already found a way to listen in their […]


Mason Tells RAIN’s Hanson: Digital Is Critical to CBS Radio’s Future « Audio4cast

CBS RADIO President and CEO Dan Mason is excited about broadcasting’s digital future. In a keynote interview at RAIN Summit West last week, Mason shared his thoughts on radio’s future. During the 30 minute “fireside chat” with RAIN Publisher Kurt Hanson, Mason outlined his perspective that digital is now an essential component for success for broadcasters. Full […]


Arbitron Tells Broadcasters Digital Opportunity is Big « Audio4cast

Radio is not in decline, it’s expanding, and that represents an enormous opportunity, according to Arbitron‘s SVP Paul Krasinski. Krasinski and SVP Bill Rose presented results of their recently updated Infinite Dial Study at RAIN Summit West last week and encouraged broadcasters to recognize the opportunity that digital distribution offers. Full article: Arbitron Tells Broadcasters Digital […]


Radio Totally Missed The Boat With Friday « Audio4cast

It’s Monday but I want to talk about Friday, Rebecca Black’s teen pop song and video that has had tens of millions of views. The video, as you probably heard, was produced by a place called Arc Music Factory, where Rebecca’s mother paid a couple thousand dollars for her daughter to record it. On youtube the […]



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