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Reclaiming the Republic

Hosted by G.R. Mobley, Reclaiming the Republic is a solution based and educational program designed to initiate the end of tyrannical rule and the debasing of our society and a return to civility and enlightenment. Therefore, in broadcasting on Red State Talk Radio, G. R, Mobley hopes to engage you in the perpetual town hall […]


DACA, Davos & Documents

All you have to do is dream! What a week it has been, bookended by DACA related news coverage. First, the government went into a brief shutdown Saturday January 20 because Congress could not come to an agreement largely because the Democrats were insisting that the budget approval be contingent upon the continuation of the Deferred […]


The Good Life with Mike the Wine Guy Sundays 3-5pm EST

IN SEARCH OF The Good Life with Mike Wreyford Sundays 3-5pm EST on the Red State Talk Radio Encore Channel! ISO The Good Life Everyone’s “In Search Of” The Good Life, and this Writer, Blogger, Foodie/Wine Enthusiast, and Spontaneous Traveler,  is the Host & Producer  of “The Good Life” Show, a popular Weekly Radio Talk […]


Bob Day & The Great American Story 3-5pm Main Channel

“The Great American Story with Bob Day” … a Nationally Syndicated radio show unlike any other in Radio History which, is taking the “Radio-World” by storm! “When it comes to Telling Stories… “No One does it like Bob!” …These are our stories told in a way you have never heard before. Host Bob Day entertains […]


Pat Desmond & the Sports Feed LIVE Saturday 3-5pm EST on Encore Channel!

PAT DESMOND & The Sports Feed LIVE Saturdays 3-5pm EST on the Encore Red State Talk Radio is pleased to add a new sports program to our expanding ENCORE Channel programming. We’ve added a food show with Food For Thought, a wine show with ISO The Good Life, and a finance show The Main Event […]


Amazon Alexa & Digital Radio Dominate the Car Space in 2018!

Amazon Alexa Echo technology partners with Ford, BMW, Hyundai, Volkswagon and other car manufacturers to provide virtual assistance, voice command on-demand radio, and new safety features for your car space. With the emergence of voice command on-demand radio digital is now surpassing terrestrial as the dominating radio platform for your driving experience. “Alexa, Play Red […]