President Trump’s Busy Monday


President Donald Trump hit the ground running on his first Monday in office as America’s 45th President. As he said in his inauguration speech, “The time for empty talk is over. Now arrives the hour of action.” And he certainly has been active, signing six executive orders since Friday including three new ones this morning. Today’s executive orders included withdrawing the US from the Transpacific Partnership, implementing a federal government hiring freeze for all non-military positions and reinstating the “Mexico City policy”,  which prevented recipients of US aid from promoting abortion as a form of family planning. The Mexico City policy which had been implemented by Ronald Reagan was reversed by Bill Clinton, reinstated by George W. Bush and then later reversed again by Barack Obama. President Trump’s executive orders all appear to  be pulling a common thread which will ultimately unravel the stitches sewn during the Obama Administration.

President Trump also hosted a meeting at The White House of twelve CEO’s of large corporations to discuss ways to expand US manufacturing. Participants  included Ford CEO Mark Fields, and Lockheed Martin CEO Marillyn Hewson. Later in the day, Trump met with the leaders of building, sheet and metal unions including North America’s Building Trades Unions President Sean McGarvey, Laborers’ International Union of North America President Terry O’Sullivan, SMART sheet metal workers’ union President Joseph Sellers, United Brotherhood of Carpenters President Doug McCarron  and others.

In the meantime, the confirmation of Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson as Trump’s Secretary of State is expected to go through. Republican Senators John McCain (Arizona), Lindsey Graham (South Carolina) and Marco Rubio (Florida) who were initially highly critical of Tillerson’s nomination have now agreed to support his confirmation.

Leonora Cravotta is the Program & Talent Director for Red State Talk Radio, the Co-Host for the Scott Adams Show, a political radio talk show, and a syndicated writer for conservative publications.