‘Palestinians’ & Settlements: Two Lies Fueling The Islamic Intifada, Part 2


As the murderous attacks on innocent Jews in Israel continue…it’s critical that the West educate itself on the FACTS concerning the land of Israel. We covered the so-called Palestinians in Part 1…now let’s settle the Settlement sham…

We hear ad nauseam, by the media, politicos…and Middle East ‘experts’: The West Bank (Judea-Samaria) settlements are the obstacle to peace. The rhetoric continues, that supposed peace would be possible if Israel would cease to build settlements.

Nice try, but the facts don’t follow that declaration…

Just a few of the details, for your consideration:

  • Since 1919, ‘Palestinians’ have perpetrated violence against the Jews. Haj Amin al-Husseini (Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Yasser Arafat’s ancestor) began to organize suicide groups of fedayeen (“one who sacrifices himself”) in 1919 to attack Jews living in their ancestral homeland.
  • The first Arab riots took place in Jerusalem during Passover 1920…and continued consistently, instigated by Mufti al-Husseini, into the 1930’s.
  • The Mufti also attempted to unleash chemical warfare against Jews in 1944. Sabotage squads ordered by the Mufti (and in co-operation with the Nazi SS) were parachuted behind Allied lines both in Europe and the Middle East. five parachutists were armed with maps of Tel Aviv, canisters of “a fine white powder,” and instructions from the Mufti to dump the German-made chemicals into the Tel Aviv water system. A subsequent lab report revealed there was enough poison to kill 25,000 people in each container….and there were 10 containers.
  • When the UN adopted the partition resolution on November 29, 1947, the Arabs declared a protest strike and instigated riots that claimed the lives of 62 Jews.
  • The State of Israel did not yet even exist. There were no settlements.
  • In May 1948, seven Arab countries attacked the newly and legally reborn Israel: Egypt, Syria, Transjordan (now Jordan), Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.
  • The State of Israel was 1 day old when they were attacked from all sides. There were no settlements.

That’s right: There were NO settlements. So why the hue and cry about settlements being the problem? Because of the refusal to deal with the REAL issue. The collective Arab/Muslim world rejected Israel’s right to exist before its rebirth. And to this day…nothing has changed except thousands of innocent Jews have been killed just for existing.

It’s not about settlements. It’s not about a ‘Palestinian’ State. It’s about Israel’s right to exist. Israel’s right…and Jews’ right simply, to BE.

And the Arab/Muslim nations (and their little helper monkeys on the Left) will have none of that.

THAT is the barrier to peace. THAT is the true roadblock to peace. THAT is the ginormous elephant in the middle of the room, that only the sane will admit exists.

And until these lies are resolved, and the Arab/Muslim world admits the right of the Jewish people to exist…there will be NO true peace. Period.

Shalom through strength..