Obama’s Deputies Allow Deported Illegals Back Into The US | The Daily Caller


President Barack Obama’s deputies have agreed to let deported illegal immigrants refight their deportation cases and perhaps return permanently to the United States.

The Wednesday agreement with the ACLU initially covers nine Mexicans who claim they were tricked into signing fast-track “voluntary return” deportation agreements after 2009.

But the agreement also grants a legal precedent to the ACLU that they can use to claim that millions of other illegals were also improperly also sent home under the “voluntary return” policy.

From 2001 to 2012, roughly 8.8 million illegal immigrants were successfully deported under the same “voluntary return” process that is being challenged by the nine Mexicans, according to a report by the Center for Immigration Studies.

The agency-ACLU agreement is part of a larger push by progressive professionals — including immigration lawyers, political activists and union officials — to create many administrative loopholes in immigration law. The variety of loopholes increases the inflow of Democratic-leaning foreign migrants and workers, boosts the billable hours earned by lawyers and the political clout of activists.

The new agreement comes one day after a Department of Justice immigration panel decided to let unskilled Guatemalan women stay in the country, if they persuade immigration judges that they suffered from domestic abuse.

In May, Obama deputies announced they would grant work permits to roughly 100,000 spouses of university-trained guest-workers.

In June 2012, Obama also announced his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals amnesty, which has provided work-permits to more than 500,000 illegals, allowing them to compete for jobs sought by millions of unemployed Americans.

Obama is now weighing whether to grant work permits to several million illegals, and is considering whether to allow companies to import hundreds of thousands of additional foreign graduates for jobs sought by American graduates.

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