Nightside World News Weekly

Nightside World News Weekly is hosted by JJ McCartney, host of the JJ McCartney show and a panel of conservatives who discuss the news of the day.

JJ McCartney has been hosting radio shows since he was 15 years old. The JJ McCartney Show airs Monday-Friday on Red State Talk Radio from 12-3 pm EST. The show focuses on reverence for God and the Constitution and irreverence for political correctness and whacked out progressives.

Patrick Fornari: Patrick Fornari is the author of the book “Commoner Sense: The Working Person’s Guide to America”and the host of the “Commoner Sense Hour” which also airs on Red State Talk Radio.   Fornari’s perspective lends credibility, importance, and a clear voice to the diminishing role of the American voter and worker in American politics.

Ann Ubelis: Annie Ubelis is “The Radio Chick” of Southern Sense Talk Radio , a Top Conservative Host on You can find her at

I.Q. Al Rassooli:Born and raised in Iraq, I.Q. lives now in exile in Europe. His writings on his blog site( and his book, “Lifting the Veil, exposing the True Faces of Mohammed and Islam” have made him a wanted man in he world of Islam, which is why IQ lives incognito. He has been appearing on radio talk shows for over a decade, appearing on over 1,000 shows worldwide.

Jeevan Lal: Jeevan is an immigrant from India who has been living in the United States for 15 years, he is Hindi, and has been a regular caller on conservative talk radio shows. He is a very deliberate thinker, and rings a unique perspective to the table.