My First CPAC


CPAC 2016 was the first CPAC for The Scott Adams Show and also my first trip to the largest gathering of conservatives in the country. Over the years, I have followed the coverage of the event from the speeches to the straw poll, but as they say, there is nothing like being there. I am also very fortunate that my first visit to the Conservative Political Action Conference took place during a presidential election year.

Here are my top moments:                                              

Meeting Colleagues and Partners:  As in all businesses, there are so many people who we communicate with via phone, email and the interview process who we have not met. It was really great to have the opportunity to meet and spend time with some of our colleagues from Red State Talk Radio, other media partners and individuals who we have previously interviewed on The Scott Adams Show.

Live Broadcasts: Scott Adams and I conducted interviews at CPAC from our Red State Talk Radio booth with a variety of different individuals including event panelists, exhibitors, and media representatives. Some of these interviews were booked in advance and some were spontaneously arranged. We also were guests on some live radio shows as well.

Presentations and Panelists:  CPAC 2016 did not disappoint in terms of the wide array of panel topics, presentations and speakers. Many major conservative voices were present. One of my favorite presentations was delivered by former UN Ambassador John Bolton who is always an engaging speaker. At CPAC, he was particularly fired up about getting to the bottom of the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

Celebrity Sightings and Non-Sightings: As with all big highly publicized events, some of the most genuine moments happen when you catch people when they are not on the dais. Some of my celebrity sightings included Stacey Dash primping and posing for the cameras, Glenn Beck on the food line and Fox News’s Jessie Waters conducting interviews. While all the 2016 GOP candidates were slated to speak. Donald Trump was a last minute no show. Apparently the Trump team learned that anti-Trump protests were planned. The other rumor was that Trump refused to follow the rules of the conference in that he did not agree to questions following his presentation. I was a tad bit disappointed particularly since the Trump for President booth was placed right next to the Red State Talk Radio booth. We might have had an impromptu Trump appearance in the exhibit hall.  Dr. Ben Carson spoke at CPAC. However, at the time of his speech, he was on the brink of dropping out of the race.

Spontaneous Activity: One of the coolest moments occurred when a group of college age “kids” started dancing at The Turning Points booth. The media rushed over to see what all the excitement was about.

This spontaneous dance breakout is a perfect analogy for what the Republican Party needs to do. They need to bust a few moves to take back the country. We cannot risk the possibility of Barack Obama 2.0 with a Hillary Clinton presidency.

My first visit to CPAC 2016 was definitely a trip. I am looking forward to next year.