Muslims Murder Innocent Civilians at Christmas Gathering


When is the mainstream media going to factually report the news? Islamic terrorists, who are Muslims, murdered a group of people while they gathered to celebrate a Christian holiday, did they not? Yet many news outlets continue to tip toe around the simple and obvious facts surrounding the San Bernadino terrorist attack.

Most Americans came to the conclusion this attack was probably carried out by a Muslim jihadi simply because there were no reports about the description of the first shooter who was killed. It was a process of elimination. If they were black, the name would have been released, not the skin color. Had they been white, everyone knows that news would be out faster than CAIR calling a press conference for any Muslim involved in a terrorist attack. So, that leaves either a name like Syed Farook or a Middle-Eastern looking individual. It’s elementary.

Speaking of CAIR, notice how quickly they were in front of the cameras, flanking Farhan Khan, the brother-in-law, of one of the shooters. I guarantee CAIR had the talking points ready the minute he stepped into the headquarters.

CAIR is running damage control. They try to lull Americans back to sleep after a terrorist attack by soothing words of sorrow, disbelief, and shock as to what in the world could have happened in a peaceful young Muslim’s heart that would make he/she go and knock off a bunch of non-Muslims.

Hussam Ayloush, CAIR executive director of the San Bernadino office, said,

“There’s a lot of anti-Muslim sentiment, fueled by pundits,”

The “anti-Muslim sentiment” is not fueled by pundits, but the fact that Sharia compliant Muslims are some of the most bigoted group of people on the planet. This fact is at the heart of why Americans are finally seeing Islam for what it is, a political ideology that tolerates no one else’s faith, or decision not to believe in anything. They would rather chop your head off or shoot you dead rather than see you choose another lifestyle other than Islam as per their doctrine.

According to a report, when asked why the immediate press conference was held and why Farhan Khan showed up, Ayloush said,

“It was important for the family. They wanted to make sure that people know how they felt, how devastated they are, and they insisted to being here, although they are going through their sorrow as we speak now. But they drove all the way to be at the office and speak to fellow Americans and say, we are today, we are all victims today. We stand united in our sorrow, and the only way we can come through this is through our solidarity.”

“We are all victims today,” really? No, this group at CAIR are not victims at all. They are a deceitful, conniving group of Muslims that have the destruction of America as one of their primary goals. Americans aren’t falling for the fake sympathy anymore. It is becoming well known what any Sharia Muslim stands for, and that is the downfall of Western Civilization and all of its freedoms. So, they better get used to being uncomfortable here in our country, because the majority of people here are ready to stand up for the truth.

The truth is Thursday, December 2, 2015 Muslim jihadis killed 14 people and injured 17 others in San Bernadino, California. Those are the victims as well as their families and friends who are left to absorb the terrible void one feels after losing a loved one. And contrary to Obama, it was a terrorist attack.

Those facts are unmistakable. Now, can we get back to delivering the news instead of trying to suppress it.