Media shift: Why Trump has gone from unthinkable to unavoidable – Fox News


Of course Donald Trump didn’t just take the pledge. He turned it into a television show.

It seemed obvious to me that Trump was moving in the direction of promising not to mount a third-party bid—precisely what he declined to do when Bret Baier asked the opening debate question that he found so unfair. I guess it was also kinda important to the Republican Party.

Why, after all, would Trump fight ballot battles in 50 states when he’s the clear front-runner of a party that’s automatically on every ballot? The man is at 30 percent in the new Monmouth poll, Ben Carson’s at 18, and every other candidate is in single digits.

But what a spectacle yesterday at Trump Tower, the glittering lobby packed with journalists and camera crews, the cable networks all live, and The Donald holding forth not just about being loyal to the GOP but every other topic that reporters threw at him.

Such as Tom Brady just having gotten his NFL suspension overturned: A very good friend, Trump had just talked to him, terrible the way he’s been treated.

Such as Kanye West saying he’ll run for president in 2020 (with the disclaimer that he’d been smoking weed): Trump will never say anything bad about him because Kanye’s been complimentary toward him—unless of course they actually run against each other.

 I would submit there’s never been a presidential candidate like this—and yes, both fans and foes can read that statement any way they want.

The loyalty pledge provides a nice coda to a marked shift in Trump’s coverage. He’s been complaining less about the media in recent weeks, and for good reason.

Gone are the stories about a summer fling, a sideshow, an inevitable meltdown. The press now knows that Trump is in it for the long haul. And I’ll go one step further.

Much of the media now recognizes what previously seemed a far-off fantasy: that Donald J. Trump could be the Republican presidential nominee. And that means he has at least a shot at winning the White House.

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