It’s Inauguration Eve!



In less than 24 hours, the United States will inaugurate its 45th president, Donald J. Trump. Trump will be the first US president without either government or military experience. Starting from the announcement of his candidacy for the Republican presidential primary nomination back in June 2015, Trump has been surrounded by both excitement and controversy. The real estate magnate and reality television star from New York City succeeded in winning over a sizable segment of the American voting population and a substantial electoral college majority with his plain talking populist rhetoric and commitment to rebuilding America’s economic engine, fortifying our borders against radical terrorism and draining Washington’s “swamp” of cronyism and corruption. Even those who did not vote for Trump, have to admire the way he pulled off such an incredible victory and acknowledge that Trump will be a president unlike any other president in history.

While the Trump transition team headed by Vice President-elect Indiana Governor Mike Pence has received mixed comments from the media as to how well the transition had been executed, the tangible facts belie this commentary.  Trump’s cabinet has been fully named with the most recent nominee being The Secretary of Agriculture, former Georgia Governor George Ervin “Sonny” Perdue III.  Confirmation hearings have been underway for the last two weeks with thirteen cabinet and cabinet level officials having already gone through the initial round of hearings. Trump’s choices for his cabinet are not typical political appointees. While some are currently in government service, others hail from the private sector. For instance the nominee for Secretary of State Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson is the first Secretary of State nominee without either government or military experience. While some may argue that the lack of government experience puts a cabinet member at a disadvantage, others argue that nominees from outside the government would approach their positions with a fresh perspective.  And course, there are also a number of cabinet members from government services to complement those from industry.  There seems to be a common thread among many of the president-elect’s nominees. They have been critics of the departments which they will now lead. Examples include former Texas Governor Rick Perry, Trump’s choice for Energy Secretary, and Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, Trump’s selection for Administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency. Pruitt has the distinction of having sued both the EPA and Exxon Mobil. Other “outside the box” picks include Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos who has been an advocate for school choice but has come under fire for not have been an educator herself.  Unfortunately, the liberal media has described Trump’s cabinet as not being ethnically diverse enough. During his first official press conference on January 19, incoming White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer responded to press questions about the lack of Hispanics in the cabinet by saying that there over 5000 jobs still available in the administration and that many of these jobs will be filled by Hispanics.

The Trump Pence administration has big plans and promises to deliver including repealing and replacing The Affordable Care Act otherwise known as Obamacare. That should keep incoming Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price busy. And of course, the Trump immigration policy including the building of the famous “wall”, the childcare policy and many other programs will need to move from campaign promise to implementation. To achieve these goals, Trump will need to work alongside both the Democrats and the yes the Republicans who originally vehemently opposed his candidacy. Of course, it does not help that there are still some Democrats out there who refuse to accept that Donald Trump is the legitimately elected president, like Representative John Lewis of Georgia. However, ultimately, they will all have to come around and accept reality.

Tomorrow January 20th 2017, is the day that we inaugurate perhaps the most unusual and theatrical president in history. We should expect that the Trump administration will have the same tone of  the Trump presidential campaign in that every major announcement will be treated like a must see event. It will also be a glamorous presidency now that former super model Melania Trump will be our first lady. The White House hasn’t been this chic since Jackie Kennedy was first lady. Tomorrow also marks the return of American optimism and pride. For as soon as President Barack Obama leaves the stage to make way for Donald Trump, the journey towards making America Great Again begins.

Leonora Cravotta is the Program & Talent Director for Red State Talk Radio, the Co-Host for the Scott Adams Show, a political radio talk show, and a syndicated writer for conservative publications.