Islam is not a religion–but rather a misogynistic ideology that deems women as nothing more than cum containers. Over the decades it has been called by some a ruthless and twisted pathology that feeds on the endless rape, torture and brutalization of females.

In fact (although vigorously denied by CAIR and its liberal lapdogs)–it was Islam’s founder that set the example on how women should be treated. History tells us that Mohammed not only married Aisha when she was six–but then repeatedly raped her when she was just nine years of age.

Mohammed’s example of unhinged misogyny has been cited by the male adherents of Islam since the 7th century. Islamic terrorist organizations such as Boko Haram and ISIS kidnap, rape and torture women of all ages because (as they put it) “Mohammed did.”

Yet liberal elites (that pollute the political landscape from America to Europe) stridently claim that all cultures are equal including, of course–Islam. And why not? After all– these elites view Muslims as victims of so-called white privilege and supremacy.

And it is this perceived victimhood that has fueled the Islamic migration that is currently terrorizing Western Europe. European leaders such as David Cameron and Angela Merkel believe that their majority white countries need to be “diversified” in order to demonstrate tolerance while putting an end to what they consider the bigotry of white privilege.

And while these faux leaders are hard at work assuaging their liberal sensibilities–the migrant males they are allowing to enter their respective countries are raping and terrorizing the very women they were elected to protect. Yes, the female citizens of both Great Britain and Germany are being sacrificed on the bloodstained altar of political correctness.

Think I’m kidding? The rape and molestation of hundreds of German women by Muslim migrants on New Year’s Eve in the city of Cologne is but a mild prelude of things to come. History demonstrates (think Lebanon) that as a Muslim population grows within a non-Muslim country–it becomes increasingly aggressive and extremely violent.

The real war on women isn’t being waged (as Hillary Clinton fecklessly claims) by Donald Trump–but rather it’s being waged by the followers of an ancient and hyper-savage ideology that teaches the following: women should be raped and not heard.

God save Western Civilization–and its women– from Islam (and the Clintons, Camerons and Merkels that allow it to fester).