Either Defeat Evil Or Be Defeated


The Bible plainly states that when the evil reign, the people mourn.   The current leadership is so wicked that even Lady Liberty in New York City Harbor is crying so much she is rusting again. Our onetime gleaming cities are once again chocked full of crime in mostly black neighborhoods and wherever illegal immigrants are trolling about. Isn’t it ironic that in black neighborhoods where big government has the most influence via so called help that is where life is most miserable?

Whenever progressive democrats get the chance, they always prod society further away from the Biblical principles that were the foundation of American greatness. They consistently harp on about an inclusive society that does not leave anyone out.   But the problem is, the inclusion the progressives are agitating to flood America with illegal immigrants and replace God’s Adam and Eve concept with Bubbah and Billy. The progressives seek to strengthen the likes of black lives matters loons, baby parts marketers, dedicated muslims who torture animals, burn Christians and rape little boys to please themselves and their powerless god. Yet the inclusive seekers feverishly work to extinguish the principles of true liberty and justice for all.

In the process of encircling America with the-afore mentioned societal sickness, the United States has devolved into a nation suffering a mostly self-induced unavoidable decline. Sadly, most students now believe that God is irrelevant and communism is what America needs. The Bible refers to calling what is good bad and what is bad good. A perfect example of that concept is president Obama. Remember how he was portrayed as a great alternative to George W. Bush? Many of us in the growing alternative media warned Americans about the horrors Obama would unleash upon our republic. May God help us!!

There are now scads of evidence that the warnings about Obama were correct. Not only is he the most anti American president, (eclipsing both Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter) but the most Biblically hostile as well.

Never before in American history has an administration exhibited a more unwilling or inhospitable attitude towards Christians, Catholics and Jews as well. One example is when he tried to force Catholics to cow tow to his efforts to abortionize Catholicism. On the other hand, his preferential treatment of muslims, (particularly Shiites) those who dominate Iran, is commonly known around the world.

For too long and reasons I fail to comprehend, the Christian church and Christian oriented societies have played the role of patsy when it comes to resisting those acting on threats to dominate them, politically, or around the world through warfare and slavery.

Here in America, the onetime land of the free and home of the brave has succumbed to politically correct pressures to basically give in to muslims who have a single focus goal of world domination. When one considers the fundamentalist Islamic threats against the United States and Israel (with no major reaction from president Obama) It would be wise for patriotic American non-muslims to take the muslims at their word when they say “death to America and no to freedom and liberty.­­­”

In recent years, the federal government, at the behest of president Barack Husein Obama has given every advantage possible to our muslim adversaries, including allowing them to venture into our nation through the open border with Mexico and through the northern border with Canada as well. I will never forget how the Obama administration threatened former Arizona governor Jan Brewer for daring to propose doing what the federal government is supposed to do according to the Constitution. Which is protect “We the People” from enemies both foreign and domestic. The gall of Obama and others who threatened Americans who merely don’t want our country overrun by illegal immigrants and dedicated muslim terrorists and of course agenda 21 is jaw dropping, to say the least.

In addition, under the guise of helping poor war ravaged refugees from battered nations, thousands upon thousands of American hating muslims are being brought into our republic. Of course this is being done at taxpayer expense without our permission whatsoever.   To add insult to injury, the government is not bothering to inform us taxpayers where in the U.S. they are putting the legions of muslims. This of course gives the muslims who don’t want to assimilate into our American culture the strategic upper hand.

One of the latest insults to common sense and all that is right was the Obama administration refusal to even try to secure the release of Christian minister Saeed when they were supposedly negotiating the DEAL with Iran. Thus Iran is holding all the cards on this and will reap a huge financial windfall and can build their desired long range nuclear tipped missiles that can reach targets in the United States. Of course, President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry is ok with that, much to our nation’s possible detriment.

What can truly be called or considered as a most accurate reflection of the mindset of Obama, a great U.S. marine was booted out of the military because he dared to rescue a little boy from being raped because the Obama administration operates according to muslim, not Christian or American principles that call for the protection of little children.

It is now high time for the church to put aside the stupid foibles of the past and reestablish it’s rightful place of salt and light. So that once again, this will once again be one nation under God.