Dr. Ben Carson Has Gifted Hands and A Strong Spine


“I could never support a candidate for President of the United States that was Muslim and had not renounced the central tenant of Islam: Sharia Law.”

-Dr. Ben Carson

Not only did God endow Ben Carson with gifted hands, but also keen insight on how to answer a question that seems to stump other republican candidates. His concise and accurate response elicited a firestorm of backlash from many in the media, the White House, and the Muslim Brotherhood group CAIR. All wanted Carson to pay penance for his statement, and all were sadly disappointed.

Apparently Ben Carson has backbone and won’t be swayed by guilt trips dished out by the elite media, terrorist groups or even the big bad Josh Earnest, who spoke of his “disappointment” and then threatened there would be hell to pay for his calloused remarks.  See entertaining video below.

I don’t think Earnest even realizes the utter ignorance displayed in his remarks. While standing against Ben Carson’s words he places himself in support of a Sharia compliant Muslim in the White House, one who would treat women as second rate, and be open to death for anyone leaving the faith, just to name a few. So, the freedom of religion that Josh alludes to and is obviously a high priority with this administration, would be against the law.

Carson’s answer to the clamoring throngs who want an apologetic tour…

“I meant exactly what I said.”

And instead of the media’s predicted loss of respect and funds to the Carson campaign, he has been inundated with moral, and financial support. This has happened because the American people see a candidate who is unapologetically speaking out about an issue that has long been ignored.

The mention of Sharia Law is rarely referred to, and definitely not fully understood by westerners, especially the media moguls. It is at the very  heart of what drives the everyday life of the majority of Muslims, and apparently what CAIR doesn’t want Western people to dissect.

Sharia allows little to no liberty in the realms of speech, religion, thought, clothing, music, equality of persons, and certainly no freedom to bear arms. In fact, the more one examines the fabric of Sharia Law, the more it starts to resemble a giant burka meant to smother all the freedoms our founding father’s declared, “God-given.” These freedoms are the essence of what America stands for.

Many might read parts of Sharia Law and claim it is not literal, however it has been established for over a thousand years, and the highest scholars on Islamic Law in Egypt approve of its interpretation, which brings it in direct opposition to our Constitution.

How appropriate of Ben Carson to point out that he would not support a Muslim for president if he had not renounced this oppressive political ideology. The very fact that his statement caused an uproar among CAIR and the White House is indicative of an area that is supposed to be off-limits.

CAIR was even “demanding” Carson drop out of the race because of his opinion.

How dare the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) demand anything from one single American in this country. This group has nothing to offer but Islamic hatred for our country and what it was founded upon. They dress their words and their bodies so as not to draw attention. They are PC to the hilt and schmooze with the powerful.

Members of CAIR rub shoulders with the most important and influential “leaders” in our government, all the while happily deceiving others into following a false narrative like the one recently displayed with Ahmed and his ticking time clock.

They are wolves in sheep’s clothing who come out to pay lip service whenever their is an attack on our citizens from a “lone wolf” type or the so-called homegrown terrorist. Saying in short, that they don’t support or condone violence. What they are more concerned about though, is the backlash from Americans as a result of these violent acts.

CAIR is one of the leading groups that call “Islamophobia!” whenever we infidels question the motives of a Muslim. They are around to squelch any kind of normal reaction to Islamic jihad being displayed in our country. “Just calm down, don’t jump to any conclusions,” is their message in a nutshell. It is a lulling to sleep of the American conscience.


“The secret of freedom lies in educating people. Wheras the secret of Tyranny is in keeping them ignorant.” – Robespierre

The more people who understand this tenant of Islam the more it becomes evident that those who subscribe to it are following Political Islam and it is all consuming. I would agree with the litmus test suggested by Carson for any Muslim who would run for our presidency, but would take it much further.

Any Muslim immigrant or refugee currently in the country should be required to renounce the Sharia prior to becoming a naturalized citizen, and any Muslim trying to enter our country should have to do the same before being admitted.

Simply put, Sharia Law and our Constitution cannot coexist. Ben Carson understands this and has no problem standing tall by what he said. He is brilliant, concise, meek, and unapologetic to the PC crowd. After this initial round with the left he can clearly say…Check-Mate.