History will remember Barack Hussein Obama as more than just a narcissistic, anti-American windbag. He will also be remembered–due to his reckless and hateful oratory–as the president who shed infidel blood.

That’s right: Infidel blood.

During a speech he delivered to the U.N. General Assembly in Sept. of 2012–Obama uttered the most destructive and lethal words in the history of the US presidency: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

This statement not only served as glaring advocacy of Sharia law (which prohibits even the slightest critique of Mohammed)–but it also emboldened our Islamic enemies to ratchet-up the violence and mayhem against infidels from America to Europe and beyond.

Why? Because Obama’s words underscored Koranic doctrine and dogma that “slander” against the “prophet” isn’t just limited to those who publish satirical cartoons–but also includes being a Christian [infidel].

Yes, being a Christian is considered a defamatory and vile affront to Islam and its prophet. Simply put: To be a Christian–is to slander Mohammed.

Obama’s strident U.N. declaration not only emboldened the Islamo-thugs who slaughtered 12 innocent people at Charlie Hebdo and five US servicemen in Chattanooga, Tennessee–but it also further motivated the likes of Boko Haram and ISIS (along with those who have declared their allegiance to them) to continue their bloody and savage jihad against Christians.

According to a recent report issued by Human Rights Watch–Boko Haram has slaughtered over 3,000 Nigerian Christians while destroying at least 500 churches since 2012. A majority of the church burnings occurred during the week when the sanctuaries were being used as schools.

But, of course–ISIS is second to none when it comes to viciously eradicating those who slander the prophet. Its barbaric campaign against Christians has been grossly punctuated by rape, torture and the mass beheadings of children.

And lest we forget the poor Christian grandmother that was beheaded in Oklahoma by an Islamo-savage who vowed allegiance to ISIS.

Yes, words have consequences. And in this case–without question–Obama’s have shed the blood of infidels.

God save the Republic from this sharia practicing president.