Arms for Adversarial Nations but Not Us


President Obama Barack Hussein Obama has wiped out a multi decade ban on selling arms to Vietnam.  Part of his reasoning for lifting the ban has been his effort to place Vietnam at the center of his crappy foreign policy legacy.  Mr. Obama announced that he has vowed to leave behind the troubled history between the former war adversaries and embrace a new era with increasingly prosperous nation. 

Of course as is his custom with all brutal dictator nations, Muslim terrorists and others, Obama steered clear of correct condemnation of what observers see as Vietnam’s horrendous treatment of those who may disagree with government cruelties.  Instead, the president praised Vietnam’s meager progress on rights in the one party state.  Some rights activists have declared that his decision to lift the embargo destroyed the best United States leverage for pushing Vietnam toward correcting her abusive ways.

Believe it or not, Obama had another motivation to lift the arms embargo against Vietnam.  The president’s move to allow Vietnam to arm herself is the latest in his usually meager efforts to counter China’s growing influence in Asia and elsewhere.   Obama’s mission to strengthen ties with a Chinese neighbor was most assuredly eyed with suspicion in Beijing.  The leaders in China have consistently bristled against U.S. engagement in the region and have boldly warned against taking sides in the heated territorial disputes in the South China Sea.

I find the Chinese demand rather rich, considering the fact they are fully engaged in activities at numerous locations within the Western Hemisphere.  China controls the Panama Canal.  China is buying up so much real estate in Vancouver, British Columbia that overall real estate prices are through the roof.  Chinese submarines are consistently plying the waters, just off the western coast of the United States.  China has also displaced the U.S. as the primary naval presence in the Fiji island area.  Oftentimes it is gleefully stated by U.S. detractors that America lost the Vietnam conflict.

However, 57,000 American soldiers lost their lives in that epic battle, while over two million Vietnam fighters and others lost their lives at the hands of American military might.  In fact I will venture to say that on the battle field, the U.S. was cleaning Vietnam’s clock rather severely.  That is until, dumb, or unscrupulous American government officials agreed to join Hanoi negotiators at the Paris peace talks, where the U.S. was convinced to place our military at a disadvantage through horrendous rules of engagement that basically stopped our military from fighting to win.

I find it ironic that Barack Husein Obama is lifting the arms embargo against Vietnam so she can defend herself.  Yet at the same time he thinks “We the People” of the United States are going to sit by and allow him to disarm our own military and abolish the second amendment. Oops, He’s already dismantled America’s military prowess.

How Obama can say with a straight face that his little limp wristed plan to allow Vietnam to arm up can be a deterrent to China is not only stupid, but potentially dangerous for the United States.  Obama’s systematic dismantling of the U.S. military has rendered the American military threat to our enemies, including China to be non-existent.

Obama is on a mad man 24/7 mission to continue disarming the U.S. military and to usurp the Second Amendment that recognizes our right of self-protection.  Let us pretend for the time it takes you to read this that Vietnamese government officials actually like America and the two nations are now buddy buddy.  Actually, so what because thanks but no thanks because if China decided to start a military battle with America, our military (thanks but no thanks) to Obama is in no shape to take on a massive Chinese challenge.

Our once vaunted Air Force is so decimated due to the cutback efforts of the imam in the White House.  Now to keep aircraft in the skies, mechanics have been forced to scavenge parts from jets that are on display in museums.  That is so third world and so far below the legacy of our great republic.  It cannot be denied, that President Obama poses a clear and present danger to both America and world stability.  He is more interested in arming a communist nation than seeing to it that our republic’s number one and technically only ally in the Middle East, Israel is armed and safe from bigoted daily Muslim missile attacks.

The White House occupier wants to take your guns if you have any or prevent you from purchasing weapons you may need for protection from street cretins or government tyranny.   But he has no problem seeing to it that communist dictators can rearm.  I guess he prefers armed communist regimes over a polite society of legally armed sovereign Americans.

Please refer to 2nd Chronicles 7:14 in your Bible act accordingly.  It will go a long way toward rescuing and restoring America the beautiful to greatness.  God Bless America and may America Bless God.

Ron Edwards produces and hosts The Edwards Notebook, an award winning syndicated radio commentary. He is a talented and gifted commentator with over two decades of experience.For more information about Ron Edwards visit,