American Thinker: Executive Amnesty: The Endgame Gambit in Obama’s Revolution


Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Al.) issues a response to a Wall Street Journal report that confirms that “the President is planning to issue a massive unilateral amnesty after the election” that will “likely be broader in scope than anyone has imagined.”

“Broader in scope than anyone has imagined”?  Who are these dim souls among our politicians and media who didn’t see this coming?  Democrats and progressives have known well, even as they avoided the topic of amnesty like an Ebola-laced cupcake on the campaign trail, that Obama’s proposed post-election amnesty initiative will likely be a sweeping and decisive pardon to basically everyone who has broken our laws by entering this country illegally.  His administration has shown no signs that it would even make exceptions for illegal aliens with serious criminal histories (murderers and rapists!), much less minors, those who’ve chaperoned minors on northward treks, anyone who demands asylum here, etc.  So what reasons could Republicans possibly have for underestimating the scope of Obama’s proposed amnesty?

But while the broad scope of Obama’s amnesty ambition should never have been surprising, the timing should have always been telling.

The facts are that Americans overwhelmingly do not want amnesty, and running on the policy position of instituting broad amnesty for illegal aliens is a detriment to representatives running for office on both sides of the aisle.  After all, if waving his mighty pen to enact amnesty is something Americans might react positively to, why would he not do it prior to the election and strengthen his party’s position in November?

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