If there’s one nation on earth that stands diametrically opposed to the vile dogmas of Islam–that nation is America. Its core doctrine that “all men are created equal” is strikingly antithetical to the very nature of Islam. A nature, mind you–of brutal subjugation, ideological supremacy and extreme violence that has prompted the execution of nearly 300 million innocents since the seventh century.

But, sadly–America finds itself in the throes of a post American presidency. Yes, a presidency marked by a leader who not only mocks his own country while traveling abroad–but also refuses to even utter the words “Islamic terrorism.”

And–as a result–America has capitulated to the whims of a “religion” whose founder (the Prophet Mohammed) was a pathological liar, misogynist and killer. In fact, as I have mentioned in my previous posts–America’s public school system is busy indoctrinating its children in the “ways of the prophet” via Common Core.

Yes, while Islamic organizations such as Boko Haram, ISIS and al Qaeda slaughter scores of innocent men, women and children in compliance with Koranic doctrine (Sura-8:12, 9:5 and 9:29) our kids are being taught the “five pillars of Islam.” And while all of this is happening, our Imam in Chief is telling the world that “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

This declaration–by the President of the United States–was a violent assault on free-speech in favor of (you guessed it) Sharia law.

Now that’s chilling.

While I’m not a big advocate of so-called solidarity rallies of any sort–let’s be honest as to why the president was a no-show last January in France for the massive demonstration against those (and their ilk) who attacked Charlie Hebdo: He was highly affronted that the organizers used the phrase “Radical, Islamic Terrorism.”

And why? Because it directly contradicts his spurious narrative that Islam is a religion of “peace” and “hope.” Again, Obama is feverishly trying to brainwash Americans to believe that Islam has been a major contributor to the great American fabric.

In the final analysis–Barack Hussein Obama is a Koran toting, Allah worshipping ideologue who has a deep and abiding disdain for his own country. But if America (come 2016) is smart enough to elect a true and principled patriot–it can take its rightful place in the world as the anti-Islamic State.

God save the Republic from the Imam in Chief.