America Doesn’t Have to Go Down the Tubes


Despite all of the problems besetting our republic, I am of the belief that if good solutions are applied, the predicted demise of America can be averted. For too long we have witnessed either a band aid approach to dealing with negative solutions or even worse, giving in or compromising when there should have been definitively strong actions taken to either defeat or overcome aggravating situations, or trouble makers.

For starters, the horrendous drought conditions that have for several years affected southern Californians is a problem that has been made much worse by a combination of environmental environment extremism and the Obama administration’s refusal to support any policies that would be good for our nation if implemented.

So now, scores of family farms have been allowed to be reduced to near dust bowl conditions because President Obama and his friends at the United Nations inspired forces have been utilized to block needed irrigation that could have saved many farmers for having to look for other work. If American hating muslims and illegal immigrants can saunter into our nation and get their way on almost every demand, then certainly “We the People” can come together and not allow our unalienable rights to be trampled upon by either the rogue federal government, illegal immigrants, or lunatic muslim refugees looking for another nation to destroy.

They are not unlike the dedicated islamic terrorists who are now wreaking havoc upon home owners and apartment dwellers in Germany where they are throwing bricks and stones through windows and harassing any women who walk by.

When one considers the negative direction our republic is now careening toward, they must consider the long standing reason or number of reasons.   The biggest and possibly the most obvious reason for America the beautiful to be speeding in the wrong direction at warped speed is her turning her back on the one who blessed her with untold wealth, wisdom and power.

Several of the founding fathers left clear and concise warnings about the negative development that would occur if our republic ever embarked upon a path that led her away from Judeo Christian principles. It was Charles Carroll who said, “without morals a republic cannot subsist any length of time; they therefore who are decrying the Christian religion, whose morality is so sublime and pure… are undermining the solid foundation of morals, the best security for the duration of free governments.

In other words, as long as Americans for the most part observed and passed along Christian virtues and sought to live according to those most treasured values, then America would always remain in a position not only to survive but to most assuredly to thrive at the pinnacle of nations.

One of the outstanding hallmarks of our relationship with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is that through that connection came the knowledge about our unalienable rights which come directly from our esteemed creator. Thus, as long as “We the People” sought to live according to that code, we would be less inclined to depend upon a big bloated nanny-goat government for bastardized rights that officials could use to ruin our lives or society in general.

In addition, if the people are moral and voluntarily observe the unalienable rights of others then there is no need whatsoever for government to even try and rule over every aspect of our lives. A moral observing and just population would not even elect the likes of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, John Conyers, or any other statist who wants to rule over them rather than observe and conduct government duties according to constitutional guidelines.

Once the progressives were allowed to gain control of the education process, it was only a matter of time before they would change the direction of America from greatness to the almost has-been status we witness today. The real solutions to our problems in our republic will only resurface through the wise choices of the American people influenced by the same God who presented providential guidance to the founding fathers and many other great Americans from all walks of life.

Unfortunately, after generations of indoctrinating American students against all that is good concerning America, history, morality, wisdom and even God himself, it can be concluded that some years ago even wisdom took wing and flew back to our heavenly Father.   So now, it comes as no surprise at least to me that it comes down to what choices will we make regarding America going forward?   We do not, nor should we even entertain the bad idea of accepting the deviant plans of the Agenda 21 rogue government elite crowd.   It is in our best interest to stand against this tyranny now. For the longer we wait, the more difficult the challenge against the hostile government progressives will be.

It should be as easy to see as the red stripes on old glory, that without a return to one nation under God, America’s days as the envy of the world are forever over.   The great Patrick Henry boldly stated that “It cannot be emphasized too clearly and too often that this nation was founded not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religion, but the gospel of Jesus Christ.” Like it or not, my fellow Americans, that is the solution to our nation’s problems.   What say you?