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in Times Square
that recently went viral in the news and on Social Media!

"That’s a heck of a billboard!!!!" "That billboard is fantastic!"
– Charles Payne, Fox News Channel

"A Times Square Billboard Hits Ocasio-Cortez on Amazon. She Hits

 – The New York Times

"Check out the sign in Times Sq.!"
– Laura Ingraham, Tweet

CASE STUDIES of additional strategies
you can use to get your billboard space to work for you both at the
Street Level, and online, by using integrating and branding strategies
that connect your online website & social media with your billboard
investment to achieve maximum engagement.

To the left you can see how Red State
Talk Radio showcases a video reel of our billboard in Times Square that
promotes various talk show hosts. This not only engages people living
outside of New York City to share the Times Square experience, while
also bringing credibility and prestige to the brand.

Also notice how the Scott Adams Show
cross promotes the station with his show while engaging his listeners on
Social Media. The "pinned" Tweet in this illustration was posted April
2017 indicating a long standing Times Square billboard presence that
impacts show advertiser decision making.

Other examples may include donor
outreach. In one example a Fund The Wall campaign enticed donors to
donate by adding their brick on the digital wall illustrated on the
billboard. Another exampled engaged the pedestrian to take a snapshot of
the billboard and post the photo on social media with a particular
hashtag to win a free book.

Agencies often purchase the most
cost-effective annual 1-minute per hour presence while co-oping their
hourly minute with 15 second hourly, odd/even 15 second spots, or
fractional 15 second quarterly clients for the most cost effective

Price Sheet for 2019 – Call: 267-242-2828 for Sales



Quarterly Monthly Rate

Annual Monthly Rate
Fractional 15
30 Minutes /
Month |
$  750.00*
Odd / Even 15
90 Minutes /
Month |
Hourly 15
180 Minutes /
Month |
Hourly 60
720 Minutes /
Month |
*Special Discounted Pricing for Spring 2019 March
15-July 4 2019 with start time requirements to commence no later than
Labor Day 2019.

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COMPARISON (what the competition is

Compare & Save! (900 minutes for $70K or 720 minutes for as low as
$2400, you decide!)

Below is an actual price promotion that was sent to me directly from a
competitor. I have the full contract pricing and promo sheet. Their rate
offer below is approximately $70K for 900 minutes and this was our
competitor’s discounted special promotion offer for a billboard that is
not well seen by vehicular traffic, and stands 12 stories off the ground
missing out on immediate pedestrian traffic.

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